Tulips in the Desert Aora Solar Air cycle with biofuel backup

It's not a jet engine, it's not a gas power plant but an Aora power tower

Dr Pinchas Doron of AORA from sunny Israel tells how almost any fuel, renewable or not, can be used to supplement concentrating solar power when there isn’t much.
Matthew and Eva discuss Beyond Zero Emission’s need for volunteers, progress with the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 plan, and lots more. (AORA Interview at 30:00 Minutes into audio)

AORA has developed an advanced solar-hybrid power generation unit based on work with the Weizmann Institute of Science. The system offers a unique modular solution to green power generation, comprising small Base Units (100kWe each) that can be strung together, building up into a large power plant. When the available sunlight is not sufficient (during cloud cover or at night), the system can operate on any alternative fuel source (fossil fuel, bio fuel), thereby guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply, 24 hours a da

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