Prof Andrew Blakers

From Stars to the Sun

Professor Andrew Blakers is a professor engineering at the Australian National University. He works in the area of photovoltaics.  His original goal was to be an astronomer studying Maths and Physics but while bushwalking  he was struck by so many places under threat - and that was as far back as the 70s!

He believes Australia   receives thousands of times more solar energy than all the fossil fuels combined so why not be involved in solar and wind? He is a member of ARENA but fears the organisation , with the present political  situation may lose the  capacity to award grants. 

An interesting  account  of Andrew's life and work  can be accessed  on the Conversation Hour (13/6) and more details on the usual BZE podcast  which mentions  sliver, PERC technologies and silicon  with  its non-toxic properties.

He has no doubt that  Australia could become  100% renewable before long -and that is not just "pie in the sky"!

(Summary written by Bev McIntyre)

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