Going off grid with Energy for the People!

Energy for the People's Tosh Szatow and Craig Memery from the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) talk about their recent report which revealed how regional towns and new housing estates could function viably and economically off the electricity grid.

The report titled What Happens When We Un-Plug: Exploring the Consumer and Market Implications of Viable Off-Grid Energy Supply, found many Victorians could unplug from the grid by 2020 and use renewable energy systems with battery storage.

A number of scenarios were examined for the financial viability of stand-alone power systems in inner-Melbourne, Werribee and Bendigo. It was found that some regional towns could be viably off the grid today. Tosh Szatow says it was exciting that by 2020 cost would no longer be a barrier to individuals and communities generating and storing their own power.

Read a summary of the report here.
Read the full report here.


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