Mark Summerfield talks patents


Beyond Zero Radio’s Anthony & Matt talks to Mark Summerfield about patents; especially in light of Tesla’s recent decision to offer their patents available to anyone using their technology ‘in good faith.’  Mark Summerfield is Special Counsel, Patent and Trade Marks Attorney at Watermark, a company of experts in Intellectual Asset Management (IAM).

Mark’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) (Honours) PhD and Masters of Intellectual Property Law. He completed his PhD at Melbourne University in the area of optical fibre communications systems. He says “Subsequently I worked in a number of university and commercial research and development roles relating to telecommunications systems, software applications, numerical computation and digital signal processing. In these roles, I became increasingly involved in the management of intellectual property. I was interested by the interplay between legal, technical and commercial issues involved in the protection and management of intellectual property, as well as the in the variety of work and clients with which patent attorneys are involved. This ultimately led to my decision to join the profession.”

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