Malaysia: Reducing Pollution and Adopting Green Technology (Part 2)

This show was broadcast on Monday 27th March 2017
Malaysia has some challenges ahead as it moves towards meeting its Paris Agreement commitments, as BZE Radio found out from recent chats about energy efficiency and forests with the Premier of Melaka The Hon Datuk Idris, and with forest campaigners Suresh Kumar and Siva Arumagam in Kuala Lumpur.

Many thanks to our guests:
  • Suresh Kumar – environmentalist campaigner on logging and forest activism in the Cameron Highlands. In the Mountains of Malaysia, vast areas have been cleared of jungle for palm oil plantations. According to environmentalist and Socialist Suresh Kumar, the best action to keep the carbon in the ground is to support the Orang Asli. These indigenous people have been custodians of the forest for generations, but they face many challenges.


  • Premier of Melaka The Hon Datuk Idris –  The Premier talks about energy efficiencies achieved in public buildings and the zero emissions blueprint for the state of Melaka. What are the challenges for a developing country in reducing climate changing emissions? A theme throughout the Melaka energy efficiency conference is the collaborations being formed between governments on energy and energy productivity expertise – for example, we hear from the Danish government which is providing expertise in saving energy in hospitals and public buildings in partnership with the Malaysian government.


  • Siva Arumogam – campaigner on peat fire emissions, logging and alternatives for Malaysia. In Kuala Lumpur the smoke from Indonesian Peat fires can close schools and cause alarm. The carbon emissions are totally preventable as we find out from Siva Arumogam who thinks about what policies and legislation can reduce this near-term threat to the climate.   
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