Luke Osborne – Reposit Power

In early May 2015 Reposit Power announced it is combining its GridCredits storage system with Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery. Reposit Power’s software links your solar and storage with their automated control which sells back to the grid when prices are high. This GridCredits consumers access to their own solar power overnight and at peak times, reducing their demand on the grid and allowing more solar to be used. It also allows energy to be sold back into the grid by placing bids into the market.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 22 May 2015

Reposit Power launched a Canberra based trial of GridCredits in late 2014, supported by $445,000 ARENA funding. It received a great deal of interest and Reposit now plans to offer GridCredits to Australian consumers as a commercial product in late 2015.

Reposit Power was founded in 2012, a small tech start up company with big ideas based in Canberra, Australia. Luke Osborne joined Reposit in 2013 to lead the implementation phase. Luke has been an executive in the electricity industry for over a decade. He was formerly COO in Australia’s most successful renewable energy company – Windlab. He has worked in the Canadian, USA, NZ and South African electricity systems.


Households to use solar + storage to trade electricity with grid
(Renew Economy: 15 Dec 2014)

Tesla and Reposit Power team up with ARENA supported storage solution
(Australian Government: Australian Renewable Energy Agency: 6 May 2015)

Canberra start-up Reposit Power’s GridCredit technology rolled out with Tesla home batteries
(Canberra Times: 1 May 2015)


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