Luke Osborne: Reposit Power CEO

Reposit Power software ensures that households get the best value out of their solar panels and batteries.

The software:

  • allows households to actively trade with their electricity provider,
  • constantly works to lower your electricity bill,
  • predicts your future energy use by learning the energy use patterns of your home,
  • predicts your future generation of electricity by anticipating cloudy weather,
  • charges your battery from the grid when electricity is cheap, and
  • sells power to the grid when the price is right.

Luke Osborne presents: BZE Discussion Group: 3 October 2016

Luke Osborne is Reposit Power’s Chief Operating Officer. Luke has been an executive in the electricity industry for over a decade. He was formerly CEO of Australia’s most successful renewable energy company. He has worked in the Canadian, USA, NZ and South African electricity systems.

Video of the discussion Group

Slides used in the presentation (PDF 3Mb)

Alternatively, view this video on the BZE YouTube channel

Venue:  Fritz Loewe Theatre: University of Melbourne

Thanks to the University of Melbourne Energy Institute for supporting us in bringing you this event.


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