This show was broadcast on Mon 4th August 2014

Beyond Zero’s Vivien Langford talks to South Australian Greens Senator Penny Wright about climate change policy for what is known to be the driest state in the world’s driest continent. The Nature Geoscience study found human activity has changed the concentrations of greenhouse gases and ozone in the atmosphere and could lead to annual rainfall declining by as much as 40 per cent in parts of southern Australia by the end of the century. Penny was elected to the Senate at the 2010 Federal election and took her seat on July 1, 2011.

Steven Hobbs is a 4th generation farmer in Kaniva, West Wimmera Victoria, runs Kanagulk Landcare Group and 2013 Victorian Landcare Award Winner for DEPI Regional Innovation in Sustainable Farm Practices Awards -Wimmera. He grows and uses biodiesel and works at intergrating renewable energy production with food production (farming crops & livestock) to develop a farm that derives its energy for production (fuel, fertiliser, etc) from the sun, rather than dwindling fossil fuel reserves, and at the same time harnessing atmospheric carbon dioxide to increase soil fertility.

Christine and Peter Forster are passionate about the role of carbon farming in solving climate change and run Ararat Landcare Group.

Vivien also interview two volunteers from South Korea and the Netherlands, working on the farm in Ararat.