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Key Publications by Sector

Here are our key publications for each sector of the Australian economy.

Energy Sector Publications

Renewable Energy Superpower Report (2015)

Australia can become a renewable energy superpower: a well-grounded vision for a prosperous Australia. Get a copy. We have the advantages of: enormous amounts of high-quality solar and wind resources, a widespread electricity distribution grid, a skilled workforce and industry sector, capable research organisations: universities and the CSIRO, proximity to large and growing Asian markets […]

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This “Renewable Energy Superpower Report” is part of the overall “Zero Carbon Australia Plan

Australia has a rapidly closing window of opportunity to become  a renewable energy superpower.  To grasp this once-off opportunity, Australia needs to act with urgency on our Zero Carbon Australia plan, or similar.

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Stationary Energy Plan (2010)

BZE Stationary Energy Plan Cover

The plan is to provide 100% of Australia’s electricity from renewables, using mostly wind and solar generators, geographically dispersed around an improved national grid. It allows for electricity demand in 2020 to be 40% greater than in 2008, sufficient to replace all fossil fuel use, including heating and transport as they move to electricity.  The plan […]

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This “Stationary Energy Plan” is part of the overall “Zero Carbon Australia Plan”

Repowering Port Augusta (2012)

Port Augusta is a town at a crossroads. Two coal-fired power stations have closed, and people are deciding how to replace them:  with Australia’s first “solar thermal plants” or a “combined cycle fossil gas plant”. The Repower Port Augusta Alliance has developed a solid proposal to replace the coal plants with 6 solar thermal plants […]

This BZE 2012 proposal won some funding in 2017: $650 million! BZE is a small organisation that punches far above its weight.

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This “Repower Port Augusta Plan” is part of the overall “Zero Carbon Australia Plan”

Other BZE energy sector plans and papers are:

Laggard to Leader: How Australia can Lead the World to Zero Carbon Prosperity (2012)

The Health & Social Harms of Mining in Local Communities: Spotlight on the Hunter Region Report ( 2012)

Carbon capture and Storage Discussion Paper (2014)

The Fossil Economy Report (2014)

Carbon Crisis: Systemic Risk of Carbon Emission Liabilities report (2015)


Transport Sector Publications


Electric Vehicles Report (2016)


High Speed Rail Report (2014)


Buildings Sector Publications


Buildings Plan (2013)


A guidebook for renovators and builders emerged from the Building Plan.

The Energy Freedom Home (2015)

 Agricultural Sector Publication


Land Use : Agriculture and Forestry (2014)

The Export Sector

The export sector is discussed in several of our reports:


The Industry Sector Publications

Protected: Rethinking Cement Plan (2017)

The industry sector plan will be made up of several other reports too:

  • Renewable Heat Report (Planned for 2018), and
  • Zero Carbon Steel Report (planned for 2018)


Community Sector Publication

BZE has partnered with local governments, businesses, states and territories to create a guide for communities moving to zero emissions.

The Zero Carbon Communities Guide (2017)