Volunteer Researchers: Renewable Energy Superpower project

Beyond Zero Emissions is calling for applications from interested persons to be involved with the  Zero Carbon Australia Renewable Energy Superpower project. This is the fourth in the Zero Carbon Australia report series, following the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan, the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan, and the Zero Carbon Australia High Speed Rail report.

The aim of the Renewable Energy Superpower project is to examine the opportunities from Australia being powered by 100% renewable energy. This includes opportunities to export renewable energy along an expanded electricity grid joining Australia to the Asian mainland, but also through materials and goods produced by 100% renewable energy. The project will also examine how Australia can maintain, enhance, and expand its economic activities and industrial activities when powered by 100% renewable energy, and the comparative advantages that come from such an approach.

The project will involve researching what other countries have done in terms of renewable energy exports (both in terms of exporting renewable electricity but also in terms of exporting stored energy at large scale), and the production of goods and materials with renewable energy and the investment and trade opportunities that arise.

An aim of the project is to address current perceptions around Australia's current reliance on coal and gas exports and demonstrate that Australia is not, and does not need to be, dependent on coal and gas exports for our prosperity. The project will also demonstrate that the current economic benefits of coal and gas jobs and exports can be replaced by a combination of allowing existing industries to expand, and developing new industries based on our renewable energy competitive advantage.

The time commitment for this role is at least one day a week for a period of at least two months.

We are seeking persons with an economics/econometrics background. Understanding of import/export economics, general equilibrium modelling (GTAP, ORANI, others) desirable.

Please send your application to stephen.bygrave@bze.org.au. Your application should highlight your research experience, qualifications, and knowledge in the areas outlined above. Beyond Zero Emissions requires researchers to be self-starters, display strong initiative, and able to work with minimal supervision.