Climate change solutions in line with science

Beyond Zero Emissions was established in 2006 out of a concern that the new climate change policies being developed and suggested by environmental NGOs inadvertently contradicted the scientific literature on what constituted effective climate solutions.

From its inception, Beyond Zero Emissions’ goal has been to help research and educate for a rapid and effective transition to a zero carbon economy, where the net release of atmospheric greenhouse gases to the atmosphere is taken to zero, and then going beyond that to be reduced over time to a climate-safe level of around 280ppm CO2-e.

The group was established by Matthew Wright and Adrian Whitehead with the guidance of Phillip Sutton.  At the same time Matthew and Adrian also established the Zero Emission Network.

In 2008 the Climate Emergency Network was formed by a number of climate groups in Melbourne concerned that groups taking climate change science and solutions seriously needed a way to coordinate.

Beyond Zero Emissions is a proud member of the Climate Emergency Network and proud to support the current petition in support of a Climate Emergency Declaration by the Australian Parliament.

Monthly discussion group

Beyond Zero Emissions’ Melbourne headquarters teams initiated and still run a public monthly discussion group at the University of Melbourne that allows for the free exchange of mainly technical climate solutions information and ideas. The first discussion group was on Monday 7 April 2008.

Videos of past discussion groups are available here. Everybody is welcome – gold coin donation is appreciated. Thanks to the Melbourne Energy Institute for venue support.

Zero Carbon Australia Plans

From Beyond Zero Emissions preliminary working paper “Coal Switch”,  a plan to reduce Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in 3 years, a decision was made to both broaden and deepen the scope of the emissions reduction plan by developing a blueprint for the transition to a decarbonised Australian economy by 2020.

In 2009, Beyond Zero Emissions began working on the Zero Carbon Australia (ZCA) plans.  This started as an initiative of Beyond Zero Emissions and the Climate Emergency Network,  CEN,  with generous support from Climate Positive. ZCA then became a research collaboration between Beyond Zero Emissions and the University of Melbourne Energy Research Institute.

Work on the plan commenced in early 2009 and encompasses stationary energy, transport, housing and construction, land use, industrial processes and replacing coal and gas export revenue. Our sequence of research publications is now highly regarded and widely acclaimed.

The plan draws on the enormous wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise of individuals and organisations from the scientific, business, industry, economics, engineering, academic, public service and wider civil societies communities.


BZE Radio

In 2006 3CR community radio invited BZE to create live weekly programming on climate solutions. The show is now split into 2 – a  1hr Monday community-focussed show and a 30 minute Friday technology-focussed show. Interview slots are booked up months in advance and have included many of the world’s ‘Who’s Who’ of climate education and climate solutions practitioners. Podcasts of these shows are all available at bze.org.au/podcasts

Get in touch with the radioteam via radioteam@bze.org.au


Pictured: Vivien Langford, BZE Radio producer


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