Eytan Lenko: BZE Board Member

Eytan is a member of the BZE Board of Directors. He writes:

I have been a volunteer with BZE since 2009. Over the period 2009-2011 I was heavily involved in fundraising and communications. I led the effort to raise BZE’s profile and credibility through the application of awards and high-profile grants. This resulted in BZE winning the Mercedes-Benz environmental research award, the Young Environmentalist of the Year and the Melbourne Lord Mayors grant amongst others.

Since then I have stayed involved with BZE through attendance of strategy days and providing input and advice to members of the BZE senior management team.

In my professional career I am a founder and director of Outware Mobile, one of Australia’s fastest growing startups.  Outware is Australia’s most reputable mobile app development company. We strive to be an ethical company and do not outsource any of our work. In just over 3 years the company has grown to over 50 full-time staff, all based at our office in Melbourne.

I have a graduate certificate in Sustainability and completed Leadership Victoria’s Not-For-Profit Board Leadership course during my time as a board member of Bicycle Victoria.

I am demonstrably passionate about BZE’s work, have directly transferable experience in the challenges of running a fast-growing startup organisation and have experienced being a member of a well-established not-for-profit board.

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