Dr David Whaley: Zero energy housing


Dr David M Whaley is an engineer and Research Associate at the University of South Australia who specialises in sustainable housing, energy monitoring, renewable energy systems design and integration. David will present the latest research findings of detailed energy demand data from a near zero energy housing development in Adelaide, called Adelaide Living Laboratory (ALL). This is an action based research project that will inform communities and the building, construction and development industries. It will provide an evidence base that can then be rolled out nationally to enable significant reduction of carbon emissions of the building and construction development sector and urban communities.

David's research publications include topics such as:

“Electricity demand profile in Low Energy Houses”

"The implications of mandating photovoltaics on all new homes"

"Do zero energy homes stay zero energy?"

"In-situ evaluation of water consumption and energy use in Australian domestic water heaters"

“Integrated Solar Thermal System for Water and Space Heating, Dehumidification and Cooling”

David will join us from UniSA via zero emissions video link.

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6:30pm Monday 3 August 2015

Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre* 

Multi Purpose Room1

*Please note venue change for Aug.

Public transport: Stop 1 Swanston Street, You can get there via a tram from the city, such as any of the Melbourne University routes 

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Everyone is welcome to come along to the pub (on Elgin St) to continue the discussion after 8pm.