BZE has set up “Energy Freedom”, a network of Australian households and reputable businesses who are transforming Australian homes into zero-emissions, net energy producers. These homes are:

  • comfortable,
  • healthy,
  • efficient, and
  • independent from energy retailers with
  • no gas and electricity energy bills.

An Energy Freedom Home protects you from rising gas and electricity prices.  It puts power into your hands.


“The Energy-Freedom Home”: Our Practical Guidebook

The Energy-Freedom Home (2015) details the steps people can take to reach energy freedom:

  • simple energy efficiency measures,
  • quality electrical appliances, and
  • rooftop solar panels.

The Energy Freedom Home

The Energy Freedom Network

We have created “Energy Freedom”, a network of Australian households and reputable businesses.

Within the first 6 months over 1000 Australian householders joined Energy Freedom, interested in transforming their homes. Energy Freedom can support and educate households.  Through this network householders can support one another.  They can identify businesses who are on the same wavelength as them and support them move towards energy freedom.

The comprehensive research of the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan shows how existing Australian homes can become efficient and comfortable.  The Energy Freedom project grew out of our Buildings Plan along with our guide book, The Energy Freedom Home.

Please consider joining the energy freedom network.

Visit the Energy Freedom website to explore the 9 steps you can take to improve your home.  Join Energy Freedom by signing up.

Energy Freedom is a partnership between Beyond Zero Emissions and successful and reputable organisations which we believe can play a strong part in transforming Australia’s buildings into zero emissions buildings.


A Video Discussion about Energy Freedom

Here is a link to a video discussion about Energy Freedom from one of our Discussion Groups