Electric Vehicles Report Launched in Melbourne

Melbourne Launch:  Zero Carbon Australia Electric Vehicles Report

Pictured: Bede Doherty, Michael Lord, Richard Keech, Senator Janet Rice, Hon Anthony Carbines MP, Claire Painter, Kristian Handberg. Not pictured Professor Peter Doherty AC. Photo Credit: Belinda Young

According to our calculations Melbourne, like all of Australia, has much to gain from the shift to electric cars and buses. This could mean the halving of Australia’s transport emissions – at little or no extra cost to the economy.
However we are not yet seeing EV policies in Victoria that will really drive transport emissions reductions – and while Hon Anthony Carbines MP did encouragingly state that the next few years will see more happen in this area in Victoria, unfortunately had no new EV policy news to share on the night.
This is surprising, as this shift would make an ideal partner to Victoria’s new renewable energy target. This is because the costings and modelling show that:
  • existing transmission infrastructure would be adequate, and
  • the cost to provide 100% renewable energy to power the charging infrastructure more than offset against the massive current and projected spending on petroleum.
Offering so many advantages, and with the cost:benefit ratio looking better all the time, we hope we will soon see Victorian EV transition policies to match or exceed Qld, NSW, NZ, Adelaide … or even the rest of world!
Many thanks to everybody who joined forces on the program for our November 2nd launch event: thank you AVASS for bringing the e-bus, thank you Bede Doherty and Kristian Handberg for the TESLA and BMWi3 and thank you to the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity for hosting the event and supplying the venue, our guest panelists and speakers and the Victorian BZE team.
  • Professor Peter Doherty AC, Nobel laureate and Professor of Immunology University of Melbourne. Peter Doherty is also a National Trust Australian Living Treasure and the author of many science books for the non-academic reader including The Knowledge Wars
  • Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens Senator for Victoria –  Transport and Infrastructure
  • Hon Anthony Carbines MP, State Member for Ivanhoe, Parliamentary Secretary for Water and Parliamentary Secretary for Energy, Environment & Climate Change
  • Richard Keech, BZE, author of The Energy Freedom Home book
  • Michael Lord, Acting CEO of BZE
  • Claire Painter, Climate Works
  • Kristian Handberg,  AGL Energy
  • Bede Doherty, Business Development & e-Mobility Manager Alphabet Australia  –  BMW Australia Finance Ltd


Video of the event

The Report

The Electric Vehicles report is the second part of the Zero Carbon Australia Transport Plan.

Electric Vehicles Report

Media Release

Why the future is electric for Melbourne’s cars and buses


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