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Open to the public, the Melbourne-based BZE Discussion Group is an opportunity to hear  and question experts in the field of climate change solutions.

Topics vary from renewable energy technical innovations to high-level analysis of industry trends and regulations to climate-solutions technologies we can all use at home or in our businesses.

The event is always on the first Monday of each month at 6:30pm at the University of Melbourne – take any tram on Swanston Street and get off at Stop 1, Melbourne University.
This page records past discussion group presentations with videos. See our events page for up coming discussion group topics.

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Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop – Forestry & Agriculture emissions

Video of Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop discussing Australian emissions from forestry and agriculture: April 2014

Gerard is Executive Director of the World Preservation Foundation, an organisation which aims to assimilate, document and present scientific data relating to climate change; including deforestation, disease, drought and global hunger.

Gerard has had a distinguished career working as a Principal Scientist with the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Resources Management Remote Sensing Centre until 2010.

Gerard is a lead researcher for BZE’s Zero Carbon Australia Land Use Plan which is to be released during the year. He will present tonight on forestry & agriculture emissions.

He was responsible for assessing and monitoring vegetation cover, structure and trend across the state. This involved leading a team of remote sensing scientists to develop satellite monitoring methods to cover an area of 1.7 million square km. each year.

Following 37 years with federal and state government, Gerard is now engaged in communicating environmental issues and pursuing his life interest in sustainable home design. Gerard joins us via Skype.


Presentation Audio

Monday 7 April 2014: 6:30 – 8 pm
Fritz Loewe Theatre
McCoy Building
University of Melbourne
Cnr Elgin & Swanston Streets, Carlton

08 Mar 2014|

Hugh Outhred’s vision for the extensive deployment of wind energy in Australia

Hugh Outhred

This month’s quest speaker is Associate Professor Hugh Outhred.

Associate Professor Hugh Outhred of the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at UNSW has been involved in electricity restructuring, energy planning and renewable energy in Australia since the 1970’s.

He will speak about the possibilities for the extensive deployment of wind energy in Australia, as well as address issues such as wind variability and forecasting techniques, the potential difficulties in managing voltage and frequency disturbances and the cost of network connections.



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