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The Community Show is a one hour podcast focusing on climate solutions across society locally, regionally and around the globe and goes live every Monday at 5pm. The show aims to provide up-to-date news about community climate solutions and events from around Australia, including interviews with scientists, community and business leaders and economists just to name a few.
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Summer Series – Climate Change is Bigger than Capitalism: George Monbiot

This show was broadcast on Mon 19th December 2016

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In this interview (courtesy of The Elephant Podcast and Kevin Kaners), Guardian columnist George Monbiot argues that the climate crisis isn’t just an isolated problem, but one that’s intimately tied to other systemic issues in our societies – from the run-away political power of corporations which are undermining our democracies, to the rampant consumerism culture that dominates the West.

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Heatwave Fact Sheet  (160Kb PDF)

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Summer Series Community – What DO climate scientists get up to in Antarctica?

This show was broadcast on Mon 12th December 2016

We go behind the scenes and talk live to the scientists currently working in and studying the Antarctic. Their work deepens our understanding of the role the region plays in the global climate system, and the implications for marine ecosystems.

Dr David Etheridge – CSIRO
Dr Sue Cook – Glaciologist – University of Tasmania
Prof Tony Worby – CEO

Heatwave Fact Sheet  (160Kb PDF)

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Summer Series – Guarding Eden: The Climate Angels

This show was broadcast on Mon 5th December 2016

Heatwave Fact Sheet  (160Kb PDF)

What would it take for you to climb an industrial chimney, blockade a coal mine or make a speech to hundreds of people?
The answer for the people in “Guarding Eden” is climate change.

We meet author Deborah Hart and the people who inspire her.

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ELECTRIC VEHICLES The Future of Transport

BZE Radio: 28November 2016

We talk everything electric and the challenges and opportunities ahead with guests:



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Marrakech COP22 : UN Climate Conference Global Energy Transition has Started

This show was broadcast on Mon 21st November 2016

We talk COP22 with Professor Martijn Wilder (The Australian National University) who is back from the conference, and Christine Milne who is observing from the sidelines as an international Green. And interview Australian school kids about their thoughts on a renewable future.

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Forests: The Lungs of Our Planet

BZE Radio: 14 November 2016: Podcast:

Scientists are saying that 50% of the Amazon is facing deforestation by 2020. Louise Boronyak Vasco (UTS: University of Technology Sydney) talks about Amazon Watch – which is advancing the rights of indigenous peoples and protecting their territories to save the Amazon, and the Earth’s climate.

Destruction of Carbon-Rich Mangroves Costs up to US$42 billion in Economic Damages Annually according to a United Nations Environment Programme report. Dr Lindsay Hutley (Charles Darwin University) speaks about this special resource.

Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop (World Preservation Foundation) talks about land clearing in NSW, QLD and its impact on climate.


From Well to Wheel: The Social, Environmental an Climate Costs of Amazon Crude
(Amazon Watch: September 2016)

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Plutocracy versus Democracy – what future awaits us?


This show was broadcast on Mon 7th November 2016

Christine Milne talks about reclaiming our democracy and John Hewson about how Malcolm Turnbull is drifting dangerously.

Naomi Klein says the corporate media always ask her what is realistic, yet their idea of realism will take us to four degrees. (In an interview from The Elephant – courtesy of Kevin Caners)

Alex Rafalowicz from Climate Action Network Australia talks about how there are only about 50 people employed full time on climate campaigning and this means we are not taking it seriously.

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The All Energy Conference 2016

161031_community-graphicBZE Radio: 31 October 2016: Podcast:

We hear

  • how Tyalgum, New South Wales got off the grid,
  • how Pingala is bringing solar power to remote communities,
  • what Enova is doing up near Byron Bay, and
  • how energy storage came out to save a Californian community when the gas wells leaked.

The Energy Regulator talks tough to laggards in the industry and the President of the World Wind Energy Association mourns the wreckers of opportunity.

These are the leaders of Renewable Investment and Inventiveness whom a Roosevelt would galvanise to work fast together.

Thanks to:

Craig Horne – The Energy Storage Association of USA

Daniel Lawes – Power Diverter

Alison Crook AO – Enova Community Energy It’s YOUR Energy Company

Kacey Clifford – Tyalgum Energy Project

April Crawford-Smith and Tom Nockolds – Pingala

Mark Williamson – The Energy Regulator

The Hon Peter Rae AO – President of the World Wind Energy Association

Alexandra Campbell – Avoca Capital Advisors

Lane Crockett – Impact Investment Group

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The Engineer and the Ecologist

This show was broadcast on Mon 24th October 2016.screen-shot-2016-08-11-at-2-29-00-pm

Today we hear from:

  • Adjunct Professor David Hood AM (pictured), Deputy Chair of BZE and engineering academic at Queensland University of Technology on buildings, BZE and Mozambique.
  • Daryl Tonkinson, Grasslands ecologist and manager, Ballarat, Victoria, on carbon farming on the region’s basalt plains. 

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AGL out, Alinta shows how and Flow shows the future – Beyond Zero Emissions radio show

This show was broadcast on Mon 17th October 2016.14641946_10154640538442888_1483233188383041101_n

Today we hear from:

  • Lisa McLean from Flow/Brookfield speaking from Disruption & The Energy Industry Conference on big buildings that are self sufficient in water and energy.
  • Julie Lyford from Groundswell Gloucester
  • Joseph Zane Sikulu from Pacific Warriors

This Monday’s show takes us to a rally in Angel Place outside the AGL AGM.

We also hear from Alinta Energy and how they wound down their coal plant at Port Augusta.

The last interview is from the Disruption & The Energy Industry Conference. Lisa talks about big buildings that are self sufficient in water and energy.

Please forward this promo to anyone who will take action. Listen in at 5pm Monday 17th Oct.
Podcast available Tuesday.
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