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The BZE Radio Community Show is a one hour podcast focusing on climate solutions across society locally, regionally and around the globe and goes live every Monday at 5pm. The show aims to provide up-to-date news about community climate solutions and events from around Australia, including interviews with scientists, community and business leaders and economists just to name a few.
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When is ‘Sustainable Agriculture’ Climate-Safe & Beyond Blue Carbon Sequestration

This show was broadcast on Monday 10th April 2017

In this show we are talking carbon sequestration. First up BZE Radio’s Vivien Langford talks with North Queensland cattle farmer Elena Garcia, who is aiming to transform her property into a climate-safe rangelands grazing operation using ‘sustainable’ low input practices. Then BZE Radio’s Kurt Johnson talks to Quinn Ollivier, an expert on the seagrass beds of coastal Australia and why it is that these massive carbon sinks are so enduring – and threatened.

Thank you to our guests:

  • Elena Garcia and Alan Broughton, the authors of a highly controversial new book
    Sustainable Agriculture versus Corporate Greed.
  • Quinn Ollivier, ecologist and expert on sea grass and mangrove sequestration of carbon

Climate change prompts us to think about threats to crops, threats to food supply and the opportunities of sustainable and climate-safe land use. But are there any examples of sustainable and climate-safe rangelands grazing? Can rangelands grazing be good for lowering fire-related emissions and what about the climate impact of methane from enteric fermentation of the ruminants grazed there?

The BZE Landuse discussion paper analysis suggests that agricultural activities based on both nitrogenous fertilisers and rangelands grazing need to be – and can be – dramatically transformed – so how is this to be accomplished in practice?


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Climate Solutions Are In Our Lands – Colin and Nicholas Seis

This show was broadcast on Monday 3rd  April 2017

Colin Seis and his son Nicholas own and run the 2000-acre property “Winona” which is situated north of Gulgong on the central slopes of NSW.
Here Colin is speaking three years on from the time of his project with the BZE land-use project, where his innovative ‘pasture cropping’ and carbon farming techniques and results were featured as a world-leading case study, published in the Land Use: Agriculture and Forestry Discussion Paper, part of the Zero Carbon Australia project.
You can hear Colin speak to BZE’s Viv Langford in a 2014 interview that took place on-site at Gulgong  here
Click to LISTEN to the April 3 2017 Colin Seis interview.
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Malaysia: Reducing Pollution and Adopting Green Technology (Part 2)

This show was broadcast on Monday 27th March 2017
Malaysia has some challenges ahead as it moves towards meeting its Paris Agreement commitments, as BZE Radio found out from recent chats about energy efficiency and forests with the Premier of Melaka The Hon Datuk Idris, and with forest campaigners Suresh Kumar and Siva Arumagam in Kuala Lumpur.


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Malaysia: Reducing Pollution and Adopting Green Technology

This show was broadcast on Mon 20th March 2017

The Environment Minister for Penang, The Hon Phee Boon Poh 彭文宝 and Federal MP, Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj talked to BZE Radio about how Malaysia is working on its Paris Climate Commitments.

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100% renewable energy for South Australia

In this podcast, Associate Professor Mark Diesendorf talks about renewable energy, energy storage, government policy and how we can easilty achieve 100% renewable energy for Australia.

“SA could transform its grid to one that is renewable, reliable and affordable – in the process showing other states how it can be done” says Dr Mark Diesendorf.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 14 March 2017: Podcast

Beyond Zero Emissions talks to Dr Mark Diesendorf:

  • Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) teaches, researches and consults in the interdisciplinary fields of sustainable energy, energy policy and economics.
  • He is author of the book, Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change.

BZE Interviewers: Vivien Langford

Interview recorded: March 2017

From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

Further reading:

The Conversation: How South Australia can function reliably while moving to 100% renewable power

AEMO’s FINAL REPORT INTO THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN STATE-WIDE POWER OUTAGE  Report pdf  Video of Release of the AEMO report – Dr Anthony Marxsen & Panel discussion

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Sunshine Coast’s 15MW Solar Farm

This show was broadcast on Mon 13th March 2017
A 15 megawatt solar farm is being built on 24 hectares in Valdora, Queensland. It will be the fifth largest solar farm in Australia.
At its peak, the solar farm will generate 15,000 kilowatts of electricity from the sun into the Energex network. The electricity generated over one year is enough to power about 5000 homes.
36,000 trees will also be planted to create a 10m wide x 470 metre long green buffer area along the site’s frontage.
We talk to Sunshine Coast Council Mayor, Mark Jamieson, and Director of Economic Development & Major Projects, Greg Laverty.
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The 2017 Community Energy Congress

This show was broadcast on Mon 6th March 2017
The focus of today’s show is the Coalition for Community Energy Congress 2017 – which happened on Feb 27 & 28. Guest interviews include: Professor Søren Hermansen, director of Samsø’s Energy Academy and Nicky Ison, director and founder of Community Power Agency.
And various participants from the congress including the Future Super #ReInvest event.
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Sydney Peace Prize Award Ceremony and Lecture

This show was broadcast on Mon 27th Feb 2017
The 2016 Sydney Peace Foundation Prize was presented to Naomi Klein at Sydney Town Hall on Friday 11 November. This inspiring lecture and award ceremony featured an opening song by Missy Higgins, an introduction by Senator Patrick Dodson and the awarding of the Prize by Professor Gillian Triggs.
“The Jury commended Klein for proposing solutions that not only reduce emissions and end fossil fuel extraction, but also aim for social justice, economic fairness.”
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Support, Healing, and Activism

This show was broadcast on Mon 20th Feb 2017

We talk to Katerina Gaita (CEO of Climate for Change), who hopes they will have talked to 500,000 Australians by next year and has had interest in the model of community building from Singapore and Canada.

Carol Ride is a Psychologist (Psychology for a Safe Climate) who is fortifying those who are already active but weighed down by the frustration and heaviness of knowing how fast we are moving towards irreversible tipping points.
Scott Lewington is a musician from The Same Boat. Their show Adios Adani! (A musical protest and fundraiser) will give the proceeds to the Wangan & Jagalingou people whose land is where Adani wants to mine. 
They have taken them to court and need our support.
Main Image: Canadian Tar Sands Healing Walk – Aboriginal elders lead procession under a banner reading “Stop the Destruction Start the Healing”. Along the way they stopped to pray for the land’s healing with offerings of tobacco, water and song. (image credit: Laura Whitney)
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Coal Citizens or Solar Citizens?

This show was broadcast on Mon 13th Feb 2017

Our guests are Economist Dr Rod Campbell, Research Director of The Australia Institute. Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke, and Peter Yacono, Director of the new documentary “Our Power” about the Latrobe Valley, it’s people, and the Hazelwood power station.

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