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The BZE Radio Community Show is a one hour podcast focusing on climate solutions across society locally, regionally and around the globe and goes live every Monday at 5pm. The show aims to provide up-to-date news about community climate solutions and events from around Australia, including interviews with scientists, community and business leaders and economists just to name a few.
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Farmers for Climate Action

This BZE Radio episode was broadcast on Monday 21st August 2017

This week we speak to “Farmers for Climate Action”, an alliance of farmers and  leaders in agriculture.
Vivien Langford interviews the CEO Verity Morgan-Schmidt about her work advocating for climate conscious farmers to have their voices heard. Verity calls on PM Turnbull to get out of bed with the fossil fuel companies and invest in farmers adapting to changed conditions.

Vivien  also speaks with Farmer Charlie Prell, about his experiences pioneering wind energy on farms including the proposed Crookwell 2 project.

Finally Kurt Johnson interviews Anika Molesworth who is 2015 Australian Young Farmer of the Year. She has been researching farming methods in Laos and Cambodia and farming at Broken Hill. She says ” Farmers are feeling the heat, from subsistence rice farms in SE Asia to arid outback grazing properties in Australia.”
Tune in to hear what a young person finds in farming and why Farmers are taking Climate Action
Verity Morgan-Schmidt -CEO of Farmers for Climate Action
Charlie Prell – Co-Chair of Farmers for Climate action and Regional director of the Australian  Wind Alliance

Anika Molesworth – Farmer for Climate Action and Master of Sustainable Agriculture

Already in Australia climate disruption is creating prolonged droughts and  increased frequency in flooding and bushfires. As farmers derive their livelihood from the land, they are the most vulnerable to these catastrophes, and so have the greatest incentive to prevent their most ruinous effects.
A message from farmers all around Australia to the PM on climate change via Farmers for Climate Action CEO Verity Morgan-Schmidt.
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Ecocity World Summit 2017 (Part 2)

This BZE Radio episode was broadcast on Monday 31st July 2017

Cities are facing the fact that a certain amount of climate change is locked in. Their creativity and co-operation was on display at The EcoCities World Summit.

Vivien Langford talks to Professor Rob Roggema about what the Dutch have learned from living partly below sea level. Could cities work more with nature, with Sand Machines and Porous Courtyards?
At a session on disaster management strategies Vivien meets Karibaiti Taoaba. She tells us how communications during and after an emergency area terrific challenge for local governments in small island states. Also foreign aid can be unhelpful “They built a clinic right where our main road used to be”. Alliances were formed at this summit to share expertise and minimise the impact of climate change. The key is to listen to the locals.
It was not all about emergencies. David Holmgren talks about the profound shift needed in our relationship with nature. Instead of building more housing let’s subdivide existing huge houses, share resources and downsize our lives to fit in with the lower carbon footprint we must achieve for an equitable future. “There’s way more land in the suburbs than people with skills to farm it”

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Clive Hamilton: Defiant Earth.. The Fate of Humans in the Anthropocene

This BZE Radio episode was broadcast on Monday 24th July 2017
Guests: Professor of Ethics at CSU Clive Hamilton and Philosopher Dr Tim Dean
The School of Life welcomed Clive Hamilton and Tim Dean to rethink our responsibility towards the earth.
Earth System Scientists are showing that while humans have massive power now, Earth also is more energised and tempestuous.
Will we continue to rip up its resources and dump the waste in our biosphere?
Is leaping to action a way to avoid thinking?
Let’s sit with the new Anthropocene realities. You will find this broadcast uncomfortable. But, like the Sydney  audience, maybe you will find facing the worst strangely steadying.
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Wild Animals and Climate Change

This BZE Radio episode was broadcast on Monday 17th July 2017
Today, in our second creature feature we talk to those in the front line working with animals, trying to mitigate the ruinous effects of climate change. We will learn which organisations are feverishly operating to keep these iconic Australian critters from oblivion.
We talk to Dr John Kanowski of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy – about some of the marvellous work he’s doing.
Then to ‘Batman’ Tim Pearson – who works saving flying foxes around Sydney, bringing to you one of the last recorded calls of the now extinct Pipistrelle bat.
Also chatting to Griffith University’s Professor Brendan Mackey who co-authored a recommendation for a vast conservation corridor that runs the length of our East Coast – and we see how that went!
Finally we will discuss the plight of amphibians (who will be most heavily impacted by climate change) with expert Professor Jean Marc Hero.
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Ecocity World Summit 2017

This BZE Radio episode was broadcast on Monday 10th July 2017

Al Gore and climate leaders from around the world will give life to ideas now gestating in Melbourne.
We will ask Professor John Wiseman why it is important.
Vanessa Petrie will outline BZE’s presentations to the summit about Zero Carbon Communities and Zero Carbon Cement.
Cities and States are leading us off the path of runaway climate change and on to the path of RECOVERY. It is up to all of us to make it happen.
Stephanie Ziersch will tell us how businesses are signing up to decarbonise with Sustainability Victoria.
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Monday 3rd July 2017

This BZE Radio episode was broadcast on Monday 3rd July 2017

GUESTS: Dr Anne Fowler – Veterinary Scientist with the Native Animal Trust

Professor David Lindenmayer – Fenner School of Environment and Society ANU

Dr Christine Adams Hoskins – University of Qld Koala expert.

Professor Jean-Marc Hero – Griffith School of Environment and biodiversity expert

If you were a koala what would you notice about climate changing your food supply?

If you were a corroboree frog how would you escape the warming Alps?

If you were an arboreal marsupial why would you welcome the Great Forest National Park?

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Cyclone Debbie – Rebuilding and Growing Climate Resilience

This BZE Radio episode was broadcast on Monday 26th June 2017
In this episode we spare a thought for the people made homeless by the Lismore floods as insurance companies deny a connection with the cyclone.
Find out how communities rebuild in the months after the media has moved on, and what forward thinkers are doing now to build up climate resilience in the community.


Thank you to our guests:

Rev Dr Margaret MaymanDisaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network
Leigh Ewbank  Friends of the Earth


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Sherri Goodman – The Age of Consequences & Disaster Alley

This BZE Radio episode was broadcast on Monday 19th June 2017

This episode contains excerpts from the April 2017 national Breakthrough tour by Sherri Goodman and Ian Dunlop with the film The Age of Consequences.

Sherri is a former Pentagon and US Dept of Defence official, now heading up the Consortium for Ocean Leadership and getting military minds to understand climate change.


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