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The BZE Radio Community Show is a one hour podcast focusing on climate solutions across society locally, regionally and around the globe and goes live every Monday at 5pm. The show aims to provide up-to-date news about community climate solutions and events from around Australia, including interviews with scientists, community and business leaders and economists just to name a few.
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Suicidal Planet “Out of the Wreckage, carbon rations anyone?”

Monday 4th June 2018

Tina Fawcett

Tina Fawcett speaks to Vivien Langford from Oxford. She was involved in a UK Government report into the feasibility of Personal carbon rations. She wrote Suicidal Planet and thinks that by focusing on our personal carbon budget more people would engage realistically with the problem of global warming. The British decided that this was an idea before its time but Australians with a carbon footprint of 23 tonnes compared to the average European with 8 should not shy away from this detailed and sensible discussion. It is NOT easy listening.


George Monbiot

George Monbiot talks about his struggle to get the media to take climate change seriously. He feels piecemeal solutions like carbon rations will not work until we have a less reactive,more propositional approach. He says our policies are grown hydroponically and are not embedded in the soil of real values. We are listening out for a restorative narrative that resonates with our concerns. It was difficult to get good audio quality through our skype connection and he was very patient. It will be worth your while to be patient too as you listen to this profound discussion.

Further Reading:

1.Suicidal Planet
by Tina Fawcett, Mayer Hillman and Sudhir Chella Rajan

Youtube with Dr Yael Parag:
Mayer Hillman:

2. Rules for Revolutionaries by Becky Bond & Zack Exley

3. Out of the Wreckage by George Monbiot

4. Breaking the spell of Loneliness Song G.Monbiot and Ewan McLenan


The team tonight: Andy Britt, Roger Vize and Vivien Langford


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Port Augusta

Podcast of 28 May 2018

BZE played a major part in this story of Port Augusta which is turning from being a coal fired powerhouse to becoming a Renewable Energy Hub.

BE radio presenter Vivien Langford took the bus from Adelaide passing hills resplendent with wind turbines and talks to people involved in this transformation.

Dan Van Holst Pelekaan


DAN VAN HOLST PELEKAAN,  the Minster for Energy in the South Australian parliament,  is an old friend of this programme.  His electorate stretches far into the desert and he has been behind the responsible transition of its workforce into the clean tech industry for years.  He paid tribute to the staunch Port Augusta community,  Doctors for the Environment Australia  and Beyond Zero Emissions  for galvanising  the REPOWER PORT AUGUSTA project.




Brett Prentis



BRETT PRENTIS  worked for 29 years at the power station.  Now he is campaigning for the correct rehabilitation of the ash pits left behind.  The Greenpeace report DONE AND DUSTED tells the story and he was on the ABC 7.30 Report.  All fair minded people agree it has to be a just transition and the health of residents has been sorely tried.  Companies like Alinta and

its subsidiaries need national standards to retire our aging power stations in accordance with  world’s best practice.



David Shearman


DR DAVID SHEARMAN tells Vivien about the doctors who researched the lung cancer and asthma rate when the power station was still emitting particulates. He says the lobbying effort they put in should be a blue print for other communities faced with the phase out of old power stations. His submissions to the Senate and the alarm bells he rings for state health departments is exhilarating to hear about.




Dan Spencer



DAN SPENCER was on the AYCC march from Port Augusta to Adelaide.  He tells us about the logistics of community organising and the pleasure that can be had from nudging the  transition to clean energy forward.  The climate is mutating but the Australian Youth Coalition is fighting back with education and mobilisation.




Daniel Thompson


DANIEL THOMPSON represents SOLAR RESERVE.  They are building a new 24 hour solar plant using heliostats and a tower filled with molten salt. Vivien asks him to describe this project, which surely will become a tourist mecca. It will not replace all the power previously produced  but listeners will be happy to hear that there are  more plants in the offing.




Sam Johnson


SAM JOHNSON is the Mayor of Port Augusta.  There is a colourful portrait of the late Mayor Joy Baluch in his office and he says ministers trembled to meet her,  so fierce was her opposition to the power station. He talks about joining forces with  the mayors of other sparcely populated  towns.  They intend to be the Renewable Energy Hub for Australia.  With 11 projects in the pipeline and the Green Steel proposed at Whyalla, they are leading the way.



Thanks  to Michael Lord BZE and Martin Zavan  Greenpeace who briefed Vivien.
Thank you to all the speakers who made her so welcome. It was a marvellous visit.
The team : Andy Britt, Roger Vize, Kurt Johnson and Vivien Langford
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Doctors for the Environment Australia / DEA

Monday 21st May 2018

The metabolism of our planet is sick. Doctors see the symptoms of carbon dependent economy in the acidic oceans,  heatwave deaths of mangroves,  bats and people,  plus millions of deaths per year from carbon polluted air.  We spend 2% of our health dollars on prevention. Spending more will cost less in the long run and lessen the carbon footprint on hospitals which are responsible for 7% of our emissions.  The doctors held a far reaching 3 day conference and the presentations are available in the links section.
You can advance knowledge by forwarding this podcast.

This podcast is dedicated to Dr D. SHEARMAN and the late Dr A. MC MICHAEL who pioneered this progressive group of doctors -DEA.

The IDEA 2018 conference opened in Newcastle’s Civic Hall with a profound welcome to Country by Worremi elder Bill Smith.

Bob Brown


Dr Bob Brown former lead of The Greens,  called on the DEA and AMA to create their own lobby group.  He said every mining,  logging and destroying group has their well paid and bold lobbyists in Canberra.  They get into politicians ears unlike the “mums and dads” who want to save the reef or transition their valley to clean energy.  He talked about turning people around if you are fearless,  well informed and on the spot.




Mark Butler


The Hon Mark Butler – ALP,  spoke about farmer suicides and the increased intensity of climate related calamities.
The message was “Don’t get depressed ,Get active” and outlined the kind of protections we need to put in place for vulnerable species including our own.




Ben Marais


Professor Ben Marais is a Paediatrician from Sydney University.  He spoke in front of a large photo of a foetus.  This child of the future needs our protection and he outlined a new dimension of ethics.  Doctors need to consider not just the patient in front of them,  not just the public health around them but the impact of what we are doing on those unborn babies of 2050. We need to think how to prevent the global heating which is incompatible with life.


David Shearman

Dr David Shearman is Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Adelaide University.
He speaks to Vivien Langford about why doctors are focussing on this life support system we call “The Environment”. After long hours on duty, why should doctors take up campaigns for example to Repower Port Augusta? His answer seems to be because they are on the frontline and because they are the most trusted messengers.
As his recent article opposing fracked gas from NT and WA says:
France has put a stop to fracked gas in its territory, so he is with President Macron.”There is no Planet B”

1. Lancet Countdown
2. Future
3. The Biology of Civilization by Stephen Boyden
4. Planetary Health. MJA. March issue of AMA journal
4.Video talks from IDEA18 Conference

Thanks to Dr John Van der Kallen who helped us.
Thanks to Radio Team : Andy Britt , Roger Vize and Vivien Langford

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Monday 14th May 2018 

Amanda Cahill

Amanda Cahill is the founding director of the Centre for Social Change.  She has worked extensively in developing countries and worries that climate change will force us to trust people who are just perpetuating a colonialist system.  The impact is falling on people who already do not have access to water and electricity and unless we phase out fossil fuels fast, life will get rapidly worse for them.  It is a thoughtful and wide ranging conversation about how climate denialism can so easily turn into climate nihilism as if there is NOTHING WE CAN DO! She spoke to Vivien Langford at the EcoCities Summit in Melbourne.




The leaders from KIRIBAS, who we hear in the second item, talk about the coherence of their communities.  No room for nihilism there.  Vivien met them at a Pacific Leadership training day. Schoolteacher Morisio tells us how children are falling behind as their school books are washed away or damaged by king tides.

Pelenise Alofa

Pelenise Alofa talks up her project of turning the problem they have with roaming pigs into an asset.
She is planning a Bio digester to turn the excrement into cooking gas for the villages.

We hear an education officer’s moving poem to her grand daughter.
Anyone who does not hear the message in there for us to cut our carbon footprint,  must be made of stone.





Phil Glendinning of the Edmund Rice Centre and Tom Zubryki talk about the film they made in Kiribas called “The Hungry Tide.”  We also hear a drama performed at The Australian Museum by the Pacific group asking forgiveness from Mother Earth.

See Kiribas in “ THE HUNGRY TIDE” trailer here:

The Hungry Tide from Natalie Schapira on Vimeo.


Radio Team: Andy Britt, Vivien Langford, Kurt Johnson and Roger Vize. Thanks to Edmund Rice Centre and Joseph Zane Silulu from Pacific


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The town that said NO to AGL

Monday 7th May 2018

7th May 2018 BZE Community Radio Show with Andy, Kurt, Viv and Roger

Giles Parkinson

Giles Parkinson, Founder and Editor of REneweconomy tells Vivien about new developments on the desert road to transition.

Sanjeev Gupta’s Green Steel investments will boost the need for renewable energy at Whyalla and elsewhere.. He thinks that energy intensive industry is set to expand in Australia because of renewable energy potential. But can the grid cope? Giles talks about AEMO and his hopes for Audrey Zibelman. Meanwhile the share holders’ revolt mobilised by ACCR has got big companies pledging to consider climate change and others getting out of coal altogether. Is there momentum behind this?

Peter Hannam

Peter Hannam, Senior Environment Editor at Fairfax News wrote the foreword for The town that said NO to AGL.He tells Vivien the inside story and his admiration for the people. Is it hard reporting on global warming in a media landscape so dominated by vested interests? And Why is so little climate action and campaigning reported in the media?




The town that said no

John Watts was once a barrister in Sydney John retired to the town of Gloucester in NSW. He heard the mining company AGL was set to mine the area with a vast array coal seam gas wells extending to within 200 metres of the town’s limits. Residents of Gloucester became concerned and mobilized. What happened next was the creation of a protest group called Groundswell that experienced and resisted every strata corporate and political power. They won and John wrote a book about it called the Town that Said No to AGL.

Read a review here:

And view another story on Earth Matters for Knitting Nanas against Gas and Greed:

Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson is a psychiatrist. He was honoured by the Doctors for the Environment (DEA)

for his service to the Gloucester community and his environmental activism. He tells Vivien how the stress and anxiety for people living with the threat of expanded coal mines and new gas wells can affect their immune systems. Behind the brave faces is a heavy weight of worry. He pays tribute to the staunch community and values of towns which will increasingly have to stand up to prevent the degradation of their ecosystem and our climate.

City Listeners can stand with them by sending a word of support or a donation to Groundswell Gloucester and Lock the Gate Alliance.



Read more:  Thanks to Giles Parkinson of Reneweconomy for the following podcast

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Podcast: Australian Local Government Climate Review

BZE Community Radio Show podcast 23 April 2018 covering:

  • The Local Government Climate Review,
  • Bill McKibben’s Accelerate Speaking Tour,
  • Sustainability Victoria on Victorians’ Perception of Climate Change.

We talk to authors of the 2018 Local Government Climate Review, which will be launched at the Resilient Cities Conference in Bonn, Germany this week. The review is a joint initiative between BZE, Ironbark Sustainability and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.


Imogen Jubb
Beyond Zero Emissions
Zero Carbon Communities Manager


Alexi Lynch
Ironbark Sustainability
Business Manager



We interview Glen Klatovsky, Deputy CEO of Australia, about the upcoming Bill McKibben Accelerate Speaking Tour

Glen Klatovsky
Australia Deputy CEO


Rollingstone: 17 July 2012: Bill McKibben

We talk to Dianna McDonald about the extensive research undertaken by Sustainability Victoria into Victorians’ attitudes to Climate Change and the overwhelming response is that 91% said humans are contributing to climate change; and 78% say that urgent action is needed now.

Dianna McDonald
Sustainability Victoria
Project Lead Social Research: Climate Change Program

Beyond Zero Emissions: Community Radio Show Podcast
Monday 23 April 2018

Producer/Presenter: Erin Jones

Radio 3CR Melbourne

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Accelerating Climate Action: Taking on the giants

Monday 30th April 2018

Accelerating Climate Action: Taking on the giants

Bill Mc Kibben is in Australia. President Macron is also visiting and he calls for a removal of all obstacles as we scale up.(1)

As new coal mines and gas wells open up in NSW ,Qld and NT, not to mention the Adani Project we need to accelerate climate action. You can invite people to livestream Bill Mc Kibben’s talk in Melbourne (2) and lend your support to 350.ORG. They are determined to make climate action front and centre in every election coming up.



John Grimes is CEO of the Smart Energy Council. He called a crisis meeting to challenge our government’s weak climate policies and we will ask him what his battle plan is. As Oliver Yates told the Smart Energy Industry, Climate Change is disruptive. The transition will be abrupt, so feel free to be disruptive yourselves. He will also talk about how smart energy can lower demand for energy and prevent blackouts as well as cutting emissions. Support a smart energy future. He says “The people are on our side” .By co-ordinating the community and the smart energy industry we will get a strong National Renewable Target and halve our carbon pollution.


Tim Buckley is Director of Energy Finance Studies Australasia for IEEFA.

He says the Global Energy Transformation is inevitable and happening faster than anyone thought. It is deflationary and disruptive. He tells us about how the Saudi Kings of Oil are becoming Kings of Solar and planning to rebuild their whole economy around exporting clean energy. He sees Australia’s policy chaos and puts his trust in Audrey Silberstein. Tune in to find out why the energy policies of China and India are so important to us and why half the battle is to taper demand with energy efficiency.


Further Reading

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Historians Talk Climate

Monday 16th April 2018

Although climate change seems to be an alarming new problem without precedent in pre-industrial civilization, maybe historians can help us.  What can we learn from them?

Sunburnt Country

Dr Joelle Gergis talks to Vivien Langford about her new book “Sunburnt Country”. It is subtitled “The History and Future of Climate change in Australia” and won the Eureka prize for interdisciplinary research. She is a climate scientist but has delved into the diaries and weather records of early settlers as well as the ice cores and tree rings of thousands of years ago to tell us where we are going. It is like an episode of “Who do you think you are?” With Australia’s climate as the subject.





The Reef

Professor Iain Mc Calman’s “The Reef “ takes us through 12 historical tales of centred around the Great Barrier Reef, we learn how the reef has become transformed in the popular consciousness from nautical obstacle, to location of refuge, to subject of art and study. The final phase of the reef is imperilled natural wonder and Kurt talks to Iain about the lessons in history we can bring to ensure the long-term survival of the Reef. His interactive website is here:





Tom Griffiths

Professor Tom Griffiths talks to Vivien about his fascination with environmental history. We have drawn on his work on the tall Ash Forests in “The land of the Lyrebirds podcast” .Now his book “Slicing the Silence” takes us to Antarctica, where we have actually made leaps in awareness, reserving it as a place for peace and science(not mining) before it is all too late. He says people expect historians to help us navigate the future we are creating for ourselves.




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