Colin Seis – Farmers & Regenerative Agricultural

Col Seis Bio on Winona from Peter Hill on Vimeo.

Colin Seis is the inventor of the Regenerative Agricultural practice of Pasture Cropping. Col tells the story of the history of his family’s farming enterprise from the 18 Hundreds to the present. His journey and experiences are documented, and how he came to the conclusion that it is critical for farmers to manage their native grasslands well, to achieve a goal of Profitable Regenerative Agriculture.

BZE Radio: 17 November 2014

Beyond Zero Emissions recently released research – Land Use: Agriculture and Forestry – has found that the best part of half our greenhouse gas emissions come from land clearing, savannah burning and methane¬† from livestock. The discussion paper takes six farms as case studies of how to reduce or balance out these emissions by carbon sequestering plants, cell grazing and increasing soil richness. BZE Radio’s Vivien Langford speaks to Colin Seis’s farm Winona is at Gulgong NSW and he features in the report.

A shorter interview is with retired farmers Liz and Bruce Irvine who share with us their hard won insights once they stopped fighting with nature. The interviews cover many topics including the pioneering days, Aboriginal land management and the network of like minded farmers around the world who are leading the way with climate friendly practises.

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