Podcast: Social Justice Solar Panels

As a new social enterprise Allume Energy is helping renters, low income earners and those living in community housing to transition to solar.

In one of their first projects, as a trial, Allume Energy worked with the Aboriginal Land Council to bring solar to indigenous communities in NSW.

Today to help us understand what Allume Energy does, we have Cameron Knox, the CEO at Allume Energy.


BZE Technology Radio Show: 24 February 2017: Podcast

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We discussed:

  • A demonstration project providing solar power for an aboriginal community in Naramine NSW
  • Providing solar panels for low income renters in apartments
  • The householders got substantially lower electricity bills and there was no capital outlay for them.

Beyond Zero Emissions hosts: Michael, Kay, Natalie

This BZE Technology Radio Show was:

  • Recorded live on 24 February 2017, and
  • First broadcast from Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia



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Allume Energy email

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