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This test  post demonstrates my featured image problem. The featured image is 458 x 458 px I have now changed the category zAndrewTest View this post in a blog: Image truncated This test post has category "location" view blog of all locations Menu > About > Locations i.e. "http://bze.org.au/locations/" When you view the blog: The [...]

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Andrew Test post 2

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Item #1 Description Discount: Item #2 Description Discount: Item #3 Description Discount: All Items Description Your Total:     does wordpress pick it up - did not pick up bad error e.g. zzbze.org.auand how this is text above popover shortcode My text with EFH image and trigger [...]

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Are you interested in helping Beyond Zero Emissions transform Australia into a 21st century, zero carbon economy? Are you passionate about effective and meaningful environmental action? Perhaps you should consider taking up a volunteer role at BZE! Volunteering is an excellent way to gain valuable experience, get behind-the-scenes and make your mark on the organisation. [...]

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