Renewable energy

Clinton Wood - Lighthouse Infrastructure leading solar financing

Clinton Wood of Lighthouse Infrastructure talks about how private investment is being leveraged for renewable energy projects, and the challenges and risks of developing this further.

Clinton Wood is Chief Operating Officer at Lighthouse Infrastructure was established in 2007 as an independent firm, based in Melbourne, Australia, focusing on the investment needs of institutional investors in traditional infrastructure and alternative assets. Lighthouse, working with Impact Investment Group, has established the $250 million Fund to provide opportunities to invest in a portfolio of solar assets.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has announced $20 million in support for a program funded by the Solaire Income Fund. See Press Release and Fact Sheet here. This funding is for a program by Tindo Solar – the only Australian manufacturer of solar PV panels - offering a PPA product to commercial and residential customers. Lighthouse also helped win CEFC funding for a 3.1MW major expansion of Australian company Epuron’s Northern Territory solar power station.

Clinton talks about other policies such as the RET and ARENA. He warns that without the LRET, the price for solar PPA's could go up by 10c/kWh, making it economically unviable. 

Energy Freedom Alliance

Jenny LewisHeidi Lee
This show was broadcast on Mon 21th July 2014

Beyond Zero's Vivien and Anthony are joined by engineer Jenny Lewis and architect Heidi Lee to talk about the recenlty launched Energy Freedom Alliance. Jenny and Heidi have wide ranging experience in sustainable buildings, environmental design and were key contributors to BZE's Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan in areas of research and project management. 

Energy Freedom by Beyond Zero Emissions brings together households and businesses to transform Australian homes into zero emissions, net energy producers. The comprehensive research of the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan shows how existing Australian homes can become efficient and comfortable.


Mark Summerfield talks patents


Beyond Zero Radio's Anthony & Matt talks to Mark Summerfield about patents; especially in light of Tesla's recent decision to offer their patents available to anyone using their technology 'in good faith.'  Mark Summerfield is Special Counsel, Patent and Trade Marks Attorney at Watermark, a company of experts in Intellectual Asset Management (IAM).

Bruce Mountain

Bruce Mountain, Director at Carbon and Energy Markets Australia  (CME), has just completed a study comparing power prices from around the world. Australia's electricity prices have doubled over the last five years, making it near the highest in the world.

Rising electricity prices - how rooftop solar helps


The ATA is researching transitioning Australia from gas to electric

Tristan Edis: Have renewables slayed the fossilised monster?

Tristan Edis, editor of Climate Spectator, warns of tripling of gas prices due to lucrative export market. The effects of this have already been seen with the recent mothballing of a gas-fired power plant at Swanbank in QLD.

Craig Chambers -AECOM

Craig Chambers is Market Sector Director – Power Generation at AECOM, a global provider of professional technical and management support services. In Australia and New Zealand a 3000-strong team of engineers, designers and planners work together to find smarter and more-efficient solutions to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government. Craig is an energy storage expert and joins Beyond Zero's Anthony And Matt to talk about the storage applications for renewable energy. 

Listen here to the Podcast

Craig recently presented at the first Australian Energy Storage Conference on:

Enlivening energy storage in Australia – technology status, drivers and economics

and at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Energy Institute event:

Energy Storage – What Scale? What Cost? What Impact

Community Wind and Solar

In today's Community Show Podcast (broadcast on Mon 14 April 2014), we feature an edited version of an event at the annual 2014 Sustainable Living Festival.

The Community Owned Energy Movement - Community wind and solar

Members of the Coalition for Community Energy will discuss the current nationwide community energy movement - what is happening in regards to community solar, community wind and current technological and policy barriers.

The panel will include: Taryn Lane from Hepburn Wind and Embark, Manny Pasqualini from the Community Power Agency and Craig Memery from the Alternative Technology Association and will be hosted by Leigh Ewbank from Yes2Renewables.

Tim Forcey, Energy Advisor, The Melbourne Energy Institute

Beyond Zero Emissions talks to Tim Forcey, Energy Advisor at The Melbourne Energy Institute.

Today's discussion focuses upon pumped hydro energy storage.  This technology exists in Australia at three locations built several decades ago, however other countries are leading a renaissance of pumped hydro energy storage.  The deployment of pumped hydro exceeds that of any other energy storage in use today by a ratio of at least twenty to one.  This is because pumped hydro remains the cheapest form of large scale energy storage.  Recent research released by The Melbourne Energy Institute and Arup explains pumped hydro can benefit electricity consumers by dampening price spikes during peak demand periods however this would not benefit profit maximising electricity producers who currently profit from this market failure.

Solar Everywhere Recap with Dr Muriel Watt

Beyond Zero's Anthony & Matt are joined by solar expert and chair of the Australian PV Institute (APVI), Dr Muriel Watt, for the Solar Everywhere Recap show.

In our regular recap shows, we find a common thread in our previous interviews, play excerpts and weave a story in between.
Today's theme is Solar Everywhere. The incredible decline in the price of solar PV has made it an early favourite for the title of "Energy source of the 21st Century". Its success is not only taking energy generation to places it has never been, it is challenging the very nature of energy generation and distribution.
Today we are going to be exploring all the places where solar panels can now be found, and the innovative policy, marketing and finance models that are getting them there. Many of mechanisms we will discuss relate not just to solar PV, but that’s where we will keep our focus today

We recap interviews with Danny Kennedy, Glen Morris, Oliver Yates, Craig Morris and Mark Rayner.

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