This show was broadcast on Mon 7th September 2015

Court Case leaves the climate change question unanswered

Do citizens have a right to take a mine project to court? Is this vigilante litigation?
Joining BZE Radio are Professor Samantha Hepburn, Lawyer Jeff Smith for the Mackay Conservation Group, and Law lecturer Cristy Clark.

"One of the other considerations raised by the Mackay Conservation Group – the greenhouse gas emissions released from burning extracted coal overseas – was left unresolved by the court." – Prof Samantha Hepburn
"...under a democratic system, the rule of law means that the government is constrained by law and can be held accountable by the people." – Cristy Clark

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"Guarding Eden"

Tune in on Mon 31 August 2015
Melbourne AM Radio 3CR 855
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What would it take for you to climb an industrial chimney, blockade a coal mine or make a speech to hundreds of people?

The answer for the people in "Guarding Eden" is climate change.

Meet author Deborah Hart and the people who inspire her.

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Carbon Zombies,Axe the Tax. Who is Frightening Off Climate Action?

This show was broadcast on Mon 24th August 2015

David Holmes
senior lecturer in Communications and media studies at Monash University on the IPA, Bjorn Lomborg  and other merchants of doubt.

Professor Roger Dargaville  from Melbourne University on how we could actually cut emisions by 50% without dire consequences.


 Roger Dargaville   David Holmes

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Health and Climate Change

This show was broadcast on Mon 10th August 2015

Will global warming reverse ALL the advances made by modern medicine?

The Lancet Commission report urges us to engage medical people into future planning. They are already on the front line, as hospitals are flooded and heat stress makes morgues overflow.
In this show Vivien interviews Professor Peter Sainsbury and Dr Helen Redmond discussing the recent report from The Lancet:

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ALP conference and Resolution on Climate Action (Part 2)

This show was broadcast on Mon 3rd August 2015

ALP Conference Part 2: Mark Butler MP, Shadow Minister for Climate change, John Grimes­ of the Australian Solar Council and Bill Shorten MP, Leader of the Opposition announce bold new support for renewables. 
BUT... Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier of QLD says coal mines like Adani will go ahead "We need the jobs".
ALP conference speakers from the CFMEU (Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union National) and others talk about taking care of workers as we decarbonise.
Professor... Roger Dargaville from Melbourne University explains how the 50% by 2030 target could be achieved. Interview courtesy of Radio National's Michael Mackenzie (ABC RN).

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Politicians, Financiers and Solar Business

This show was broadcast on Mon 20th July 2015

As government puts renewables on go slow and the opposition searches for fresh policies to slow climate change, BZE talks to the people who are  striding ahead.

BZE talks to Oliver Yates (The Clean Energy Finance Corporation), John Grimes (The Australian Solar Council) and Mark Butler (The ALP).

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This show was broadcast on Mon 13th July 2015

Vivien interviewed a miner, a lawyer, an economist, a climate campaigner and a local leader from Bulga, New South Wales, Australia.
This drama has played out in the courts where Rio lost. Now, moving towards the end of the age of coal, will this be the test case where a mine is not approved because of its ecological and social impact?

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John Krey video:

We Are All Activists Now

This show was broadcast on Mon 6th July 2015

Stephen Mayne is an experienced shareholder activist and shares some actions that anyone could engage in. Vivien chats to Stephen Bygrave about the December United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. And Felicity Millner, represents nature, using the law to protect our environment.

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This show was broadcast on Mon 22nd June 2015

Tonight our broadcast looks at how climate change is affecting our near neighbour Timor Leste.
Interviews with Adao Soares  Barbosa ,lead negotiator for loss and damage to Timor Leste at the UN.
Hector Hill ,  reflecting on permaculture , seeds for life and Timor Leste's projects towards food security.
Trudy Dale from Conservation International on Atauro Island  on reforestation and water.

I had great fun meeting these engaging people.

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Great Forest National Park

This show was broadcast on Mon 15th June 2015
BZE tours the Great Forest National Park with the people who are working to preserve it.

We speak to Senator Janet Rice about why so called" Forest Waste " must not be included in any renewable energy target and WHY preserving trees is a brilliant tactic to slow down climate disruption.
When the state forests become National Park, a Carbon Sink worth $40 Million each year will be created. The effect of letting this moist forest age gracefully will be to slow down the impacts of climate change.
Vivien also chats with Artist Karena Goldfinch, Forest campaigner Steve Meacher and the Knitting Nanas

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