Climate Change Summit

This show was broadcast on Mon 29 September 2014

This episode showcases two Australian community events supporting the worldwide protests in relation to the Climate Change Summit. First up is Bill Shorten, Mark Butler and Christine Milne at the Solar Council Public Meeting, Sydney, followed by speakers at a picnic for Climate Change.

Big Picture thinkers Infrastructure + Law

This show was broadcast on 15 September 2014

This episode features interviews with Professor David Hood, QUT, Damien Lockie, Melbourne barrister, Dick Warbuton being interviewed by Fran Kelly (ABC RN), and Peter Boyer, science journalist.

Prof David HoodDamien Lockie

Transition Towns

This show was broadcast on Mon 25th August 2014

Transition Towns is a global movement building resilient, sustainable, vibrant and happy communities. It is a community based response to the future challenges of climate change and peak oil. For more information on Transition Towns.

Lancer Lieber and Peter Dowson of Transitions Bondi talk about getting our food from local sources including urban gardens.Richard Heinberg, author of "The End of Growth" and “Powerdown” speaks with Vivien Langford from Beyond Zero Radio at his hotel in Sydney. Richard was visiting Australia on a speaking tour and spoke at the Festival of Dangerous ideas. Thanks to Peter Dowson for filming this interview (click YouTube video above).

Solar Citizens

Lindsay Soutar

Beyond Zero's Vivien Langford talks to Nigel Morris and Lindsay Soutar about the power of Solar Citizens in Australia. Nigel Morris is the Director of SolarBusinessServices and Australia's foremost solar industry expert. Lindsay Soutar is National Director and founder of Solar Citizens, a community project to bring together existing and future solar owners to ensure the rights of solar owners are protected and to help see Australia put a panel on every rooftop.

Lindsay and Nigel have joined forces to organise a series of meetings to help defend solar around Australia of huge numbers of Solar Citizens to hear from expert speakers, discuss the issues and prepare to act against the rapidly growing threats to solar.

Dr Redenbach, Josh Creaser & Kathleen Maltzahn

Every year more than 3000 people die prematurely from exposure to air pollutions. Thousands more are made sick and lose years of healthy life from illness suffered as a result of exposure to air pollution. The impacts of air pollution affect everybody but they affect some far worse than others. The most polluted places are typically less well off and the most vulnerable are those who are already sick. 

Environmental Justice Australia has highlighted these issues in a recent report Clearing the Air: Why Australia Urgently Needs Effective National Air Pollution Laws.

Beyond Zero's Vivien Langford talks to Dr Merryn Redenbach, Josh Creaser from about the about the Leard Forest blockade camp near Maules Creek and Greens candidate, Kathleen Maltzahn.

Dr Merryn Redenbach is completing advanced training in Paediatrics, specialising in Community Child Health. For the past five years, she has volunteered, and now works, for Doctors for the Environment Australia, who seek to protect human health through preventing harm from pollution and other environmental degradation. Merryn has presented to community groups, local and federal governments and other decision makers on the issues of air pollution as well as health risks of coal, coal dust and unconventional gas mining.

Kathleen Maltzahn is an author, women’s rights and anti-trafficking campaigner. She is a former councillor for the City of Yarra and the Greens candidate for the Victorian state seat of Richmond.

David Rothfield and Dr Stephen Bygrave Interview

In todays BZE Community Show Presenter Vivien Langford talks to Climate Change Activist David Rothfield.

The discussion digs into the environmental issues surrounding Maules Creek in NSW.

Rampant mining is destroying swathes of Bushland where there are many threatened species.

Stephen Bygrave talks about the future for Renewable Industries and the impacts of changes to the RET and other important changes in the current political climate. 

This show was broadcast on Mon 30th June 2014 at 5:00PM

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David Rothfield   Stephen Bygrave

Philip Sutton & Sustainable Living Festival

In today's Community Show Podcast (broadcast on Mon 21 April 2014), we feature an edited version of the annual 2014 Sustainable Living Festival's Great Debate in Melbourne.

Two degrees too high?

In today's Community Show Podcast (broadcast on Mon 24 March 2014), we feature an edited version of and event at the 2014 Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne.

"Two degrees too high?"

Listen to A/Professor Malte Meinshausen of the Potsdam Institute, David Spratt co-author of Climate Code Red and Fiona Armstrong  convenor of the Climate and Health Alliance. Global warming is already damaging our health and the health of the oceans and land. Having a target of no more than two degrees of warming is lulling us into complacency.

Artist Chris Jordan & environmental activism

Does it bother you how many people can turn their backs on the climate crisis?

MIDWAY a Message from the Gyre : a short film by Chris Jordan from Midway on Vimeo.

Artist Chris Jordan says it’s because we can’t see the enormity of what we are doing. Comedians Liz Conor and Deborah Hart think it’s because climate activists are too serious and Professor Mark Diesendorf thinks it’s because we don’t have the political imagination to stop the emissions even though the technology is all ready to roll.
Chris Jordan is an US Photographer whose talks at SLF received standing ovations. He speaks about the emotion of grief which will galvanize us into environmental action. His film “Midway” will be out mid year.

The Climate Guardians
Liz Conor and Deb Hart are activists who turn up as angels to beguile people away from climate insanity. Other times they turn up as Flat Earthers to welcome the likes of Lord Monkton or Coking Coal Snorters to do deals with Clive Palmer and Tony Abbott.

Professor Mark Diesendorf from University of NSW talks with A/Professor David Mc Knight ( co author of “Big Coal”). Find out why nuclear energy is not the answer and how energy models work. Mark pays tribute to BZE’s pioneering work. His new book is “Sustainable Energy Solutions for climate change” by UNSW press.

Yes2Renewables & Port Augusta solar update

Beyond Zero's Vivien Langford talks to Friends of the Earth's (FoE) Cam Walker on the $20 Billion Cost of Natural disasters, made worse by climate inaction. Yes2Renewables Shaun Murray on fighting to keep the Renewable Energy Target (RET). MP Dan van Holst Pelekaan on the feasibility of a Big Solar plant  to replace coal fired power at Port Augusta.

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