Students of Sustainability Conference 2013

Beyond Zero's Nick Carson visits the 2013 Students of Sustainability (SOS) Conference, a national wide conference which was held at the University of Tasmania from the 5th to 9th of July.
Throughout the past twenty-one years, SOS has grown into the primary national environmental conference for students. Held in a different city every year, SOS spreads its unique, life-affirming, change-making energy to the Universities and communities that host it.

Music show

Sit back and enjoy Nick's music show. We embrace diversity with obscure explorations of global warming, climate justice, and environmental destruction by well known artists that aren't often highlighted and play some lesser known artists with more explicit political messages. We explore genres of folk, hip hop, mashup, post punk, world beat, electronic, the undefinable and more!

Paul McIntosh, Sustainable Dorset


Paul McIntosh, Sustainability Manager of Dorset Agenda 21 (da21) - an independent charity - works cooperatively with local people, communities, businesses, educational bodies, local government and other organisations to encourage sustainable living in Dorset, UK.

Sustainable Dorset, the website of Dorset Agenda 21, aims to promote the amazing work of organisations in Dorset working on sustainability issues, to provide resources such as funding information for groups themselves, and to be a common point of reference for those working in this field. Paul sees his role as an 'enabler' of projects ranging from community funded renewables such as tidal, solar PV, and biogas, to community carsharing, transition towns, organic gardening and more. Paul also oversees a project called Dorset Energized which is about connecting home owners with renewable energy.

They use the Brundtland definition of sustainable development : "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

Australia's Climate Action Summit & the media

Vivien presents a collection of interviews from Australia's Climate Action Summit 21- 23 June 2013, focusing on the role of the media. Guests include:

John Kaye, NSW Greens MLC,

Jane Rawson, Author and Energy and Environment Editor for the online journal, The Conversation. The difference with The Conversation is that it's written by academics, not journalists; it is not-for-profit and receives no advertising revenu. 

Larissa Waters, Qld Senator and environmental lawyer.

Kurri Kurri Gathering part 2

This is part 2 of a series of interviews recorded at Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley, at The Sunrise Project's:
Our Land, Our Water, Our Future: Beyond Coal and Gas Gathering 2013 from 18-20 May.

Featuring interviews from international activists against coal, coal seam gas (CSG) and local leaders in the community - Julie Lyford and Graeme Healey, Nicki Chirlian, Srinivas Krishnaswamy and Sredar Ramamurthy.

Julie Lyford, former shire mayor and spokesperson for the community-based organisation, Barrington-Gloucester-Stroud Preservation Alliance, and its chairman, Graham Healy, are fighting the state government renewing two large mining exploration licences in Gloucester. BGSP-Alliance was established in 2006 in response to the sudden and dramatic expansion of proposed coal and coal seam gas exploration and possible mining within the Gloucester Valley.

Megan Kuhn, Liverpool Plains farmer, Regional Coordinator for CSG Free North West, Member of the Bundella community. Nicky Chirlian from Save Our Soils Liverpool Plains. John Krey, Vice-President of the Bulga Milbrodale Progress Association, who with the help of Environmental Defender's Office of NSW, recently won a three-year battle against Rio Tinto when a court overturned a state government-endorsed decision to allow it to dig an open-cut coalmine next to the town.

Srinivas Krishnaswamy, CEO, Vasudha Foundation, India.

Dr Sreedhar Ramamurthy from mines, minerals & PEOPLE (mm&P) India, a growing alliance of individuals, institutions and communities who are concerned and affected by mining.

Repower Port Augusta Part 3

As the parliamentary select committee into repowering Port Augusta prepares to visit Gemasolar in Spain, we are building up community knowledge and desire to see Australia's first big solar thermal power plant in South Australia. This is part 3 of Beyond Zero's series into the Repower Port Augusta campaign.

Vivien and Beth talk to Dan van Holst Pellekaan - MP for Port Augusta, Terry Mc Bride - BZE activist in Adelaide and Dr Karl Kruzelnicki.

See BZE's and Repower Port Augusta's submissions to the SA Select Committee on the Port Augusta Power Stations here.

Success Stories & John Hepburn

To restore our faith in community climate action, Beyond Zero's Vivien and Nick celebrate success stories. Recent success against the fossil fuel giants include: 

Newcastle Coal Terminal Rally

Beyond Zero's Vivien Langford in Newcastle and Beth Shepherd cover the Newcastle rally in March 2013 to protest against the region's proposed fourth coal terminal. Thousands of people across the across the Hunter and New South Wales attended.

Community Responses to Climate Change - Occupy Sandy

OCCUPY SANDY from JFOX on Vimeo.

Beyond Zero's Nick Carson looks at Community Responses to Climate Change exacerbated natural disasters, particularly the Occupy Sandy relief effort.

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