Earth Jurisprudence & update from Adam Bandt MP


Join Beyond Zero's Vivien and Beth to hear about how weaving the rights of nature into our legal system will help us to live within our limits. We talk with Michelle Maloney, Convenor of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) and the 2013 Wild Law Conference in Brisbane, Professor Brendan Mackey Director of the Climate Change Response Programme at Griffith University and Adam Bandt, Greens MP for Melbourne. We explore how we reign in humanity’s use of the Earth and create governance systems that nurture, rather than destroy the natural world?

Contrary to the trend of the Greens in the 2013 federal election, Adam Bandt retained his federal seat of Melbourne, and spectacularly won almost 45% of the primary vote. Join Adam Bandt's campaign for climate action here.

Drew Hutton's Lock the Gate campaign & Environment Victoria calling on media to stop publishing letters from climate deniers

Join Beyond Zero's Vivien and Beth for a program called "Over our dead bodies". Stay tuned for the positive message at the end, which makes reference to the fun video above.

Community based campaign warrior, Drew Hutton, from the Lock the Gate Alliance provides an update on blocking Coal Seam Gas (CSG) projects. He talks about the success of Lock the Gate's model around QLD and the rest of Australia; and he encourages campaigners to talk to people you don't necessarily agree with.

 David Shoebridge

Wild Law Conference

In September 2013 the Australian Earth Laws Alliance hosted a multi-disciplinary conference aimed at exploring key questions for living within our ecological limits and titled:

“Living within our ecological limits: law and governance to nurture the Earth community”

Wild Law (or Earth Jurisprudence) is a new form of lawyering helping communities fight for Eco-Justice at a time when we are destroying species and ecosystems at a great rate and actually changing our climate. They helped the Ecuadorian government put the rights of nature into that country's constitution and have democracy schools for municipal workers.

Dr Washington, Jonathan Moylan & The Greens - climate action


In this episode, Beyond Zero talks to three prominent Australians about climate change action.

Dr Haydn Washington, Visiting Fellow at UNSW, has a thirty eight year history as an environmental scientist, writer and activist. As a biologist, his views follow Edward Abbey's quote that endless "growth is the ideology of the cancer cell" in nature. Our growth has brought about the environmental crisis, in which the climate crisis is a critical part. The solution is steady state economy. Sustainable growth is an oxymoron, as in a finite planet you cannot keep growing forever.

Dr Washington has written widely, with his most recent books being:
Human Dependence on Nature: How to Help Solve the Environmental Crisis (2013)

Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand (2011) by Haydn Washington, John Cook

David Rovics - Songs of Social Significance

Singer/ songwriter, author and activist, David Rovics, chatted with Beyond Zero's Vivien Langford on his recent Australian tour. She recorded an in-depth interview after Rovics' Sydney concert and she introduces the segment here:

Vote Climate


Another election edition featuring interviews with Michael Pulsford, Melbourne Divestment Coordinator at, Jane Morton from Vote Climate, and Basil Byrne from Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN).

Mike Pulsford was one of the organisers for the Australian leg of Bill McKibben's 'Do the Maths' tour earlier this year, and is working to on the campaign. Jane and Vote Climate is a communication network linking community groups working on solutions to the climate crisis. Our network includes local climate action groups, groups opposing new coal and gas developments, groups protecting forests, and groups working for a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy. Then Basil tells us about ASEN, the network of student environment groups from around Australia committed to building grassroots movements for change.

Election Edition


Welcome to Beyond Zero's Election Edition, where Vivien Langford talks to the three major political parties about their policies on climate change.

Greg Hunt, Liberal MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change Action, Environment and Heritage

Yvette D'Ath, Labour MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and

Christine Milne, Greens senator, leader of the Australian Greens.

Students of Sustainability Conference 2013

Beyond Zero's Nick Carson visits the 2013 Students of Sustainability (SOS) Conference, a national wide conference which was held at the University of Tasmania from the 5th to 9th of July.
Throughout the past twenty-one years, SOS has grown into the primary national environmental conference for students. Held in a different city every year, SOS spreads its unique, life-affirming, change-making energy to the Universities and communities that host it.

Music show

Sit back and enjoy Nick's music show. We embrace diversity with obscure explorations of global warming, climate justice, and environmental destruction by well known artists that aren't often highlighted and play some lesser known artists with more explicit political messages. We explore genres of folk, hip hop, mashup, post punk, world beat, electronic, the undefinable and more!

Paul McIntosh, Sustainable Dorset


Paul McIntosh, Sustainability Manager of Dorset Agenda 21 (da21) - an independent charity - works cooperatively with local people, communities, businesses, educational bodies, local government and other organisations to encourage sustainable living in Dorset, UK.

Sustainable Dorset, the website of Dorset Agenda 21, aims to promote the amazing work of organisations in Dorset working on sustainability issues, to provide resources such as funding information for groups themselves, and to be a common point of reference for those working in this field. Paul sees his role as an 'enabler' of projects ranging from community funded renewables such as tidal, solar PV, and biogas, to community carsharing, transition towns, organic gardening and more. Paul also oversees a project called Dorset Energized which is about connecting home owners with renewable energy.

They use the Brundtland definition of sustainable development : "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

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