"Surviving Earth"

This episode was broadcast on Mon 2nd March 2015

Viv is back and in this episode interviews Dr Stephen Bygrave, CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions, Peter Charles Downey, director of the film 'Surviving Earth' and Thom Mitchell, Environment and Industrial Relations reporter, New Matilda.
  Thom Mitchell Peter Charles Downey

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Carol Ride - Psychology for a Safe Climate

Carol Ride is a psychologist and couple psychotherapist, who is well known in the climate movement in Melbourne for the last several years. Carol Ride is President of Psychology for a Safe Climate (PSC) a group of  psychologists and helping professionals working together to contribute psychological understanding within the community to support and facilitate strong and urgent action on climate change. We know the climate science and the solutions, now Carol joins Beyond Zero to urge everyone to take action - and not to leave it to someone else.

Psychology for a Safe Climate's booklet Let's Speak about Climate Change provides an opportunity for readers to reflect on how they and those around them have responded to news of climate change. The booklet provides insight into how we can better encourage conversations and community engagement.

PSC provides psychological education and support to climate activist groups, including the upcoming Conference - Climate Change: turn-on or turn off? featuring Dr Susan Murphy is a writer, radio producer, film director and Zen Roshi.

David Rovics Interview

This episode was broadcast on 12th Jan 2015

In this episode we step back to 2013 for a rebroadcast of Vivien's interview with the well-respected singer/songwriter David Rovics.  David is a musician with a social conscience.
Vivien teases out his worldview by reference to six of his songs.
 David Rovics

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Rod Quantock, Dagmar Graczyk, Leigh Ewbank

This show was broadcast on Mon 15 December 2014

Comedian, activist and national treasure Rod Quantock, recently joined the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) at the University of Melbourne as a Research associate looking at the presentation of climate change impacts and resource crisis. He joins Vivien from Beyond Zero radio to speak about the launch new project on Pozible: The Last Tim Tam. The Last Tim Tam is a 12 month research project to develop a new way of communicating the impacts of Climate Change and the Limits to Growth because the old ways have clearly not worked.

Dagmar Graczyk, Manager for South Asia, International Energy Agency (IEA) talked to Vivien at the Energy Efficiency Council National Conference 2014 in November.

Then Leigh Ewbank, renewables community co-ordinator for Friends of the Earth (FoE), talks about favourable changes in renewable energy policy that Daniel Andrews and the new Labour government have brought in since winning last month's Victorian state election. In particular, restoring fair wind farm laws and FoE pushing Victorian Renewable Energy Target following the South Australia's recently increased target to 50% by 2025 and even more ambituos ACT RET of 90% by 2020.

Comedian Rod Quantock


Emeritus Prof Stuart Hill - Dr Stephen Bygrave - Dr Tim Read

This show was broadcast on Mon 1 December 2014

Vivien from the Beyond Zero show speaks to University of Western Sydney Emeritus Professor Stuart Hill about BZE's recently released Zero Carbon Australia Land Use Plan. Then, BZE CEO Dr Stephen Bygrave and Dr Tim Read, Greens candidate for Brunswick, join her in the studio to talk climate change politics.
Tim Read Stuart Hill Steve Bygrave
Tim Read Stuart Hill Steve Bygrave



Victorian Election

This show was broadcast on Mon 24 November 2014

Join Vivien from Beyond Zero radio for the Victorian election special. Victorians go to the polls this Saturday 29 November where the outcome is likely to be The Greens holding the balance of power. Public transport, stopping the proposed East-West Link, fair solar tariffs & electricity prices and the future of rural farming are some of the issues covered with the following guests:

Dr Nicholas Aberle, Safe Climate Campaign Manager, Environment Victoria

Peter Crisp, MLA Member for Mildura, The Nationals 

Dr Tim Read
- doctor and medical researcher - is Greens candidate for the seat of Brunswick and hoping to become the first Green MP into the lower house of Victoria’s Parliament

Lily D’Ambrosio is the Member for Mill Park and the Shadow Minister for Energy and resources, Cost of Living and the Suburbs.

Groundswell Gloucester

This show was broadcast on 10 November 2014

Julie Lyford from Groundswell Gloucester reports on AGL's first day of fracking in her town.
This is productive farming land. The citizens are united against the dangerous invasion of their land. Julie tells Vivien of Beyond Zero radio how the beautiful Gloucester Valley NSW is threatened by destructive coal and gas mining.

Further reading:

NSW Government asked to suspend approval for AGL's Gloucester project

Groundswell Gloucester launch

Newcastle T4 expansion

This show was broadcast on 3 November 2014

In this week's show, Vivien from Beyond Zero covers a public meeting called by the NSW Planning Assessment Commission about the Newcastle T4 expansion, the biggest coal export port in world.

Interviews with:

Michael Osborne-Newcastle Council Chris Pavic-Mudgee Tony Webber-Svitzer Harbour master Steven O’Brien- Clean energy Jobs Rod Campbell-TAI Coal economics Justin Field- Greens candidate Sue wynn-Local candidate Justine Suthers-Wyong mine fires
Further reading:

T4 coal-loader leak suggests plan a done deal
T4 PAC must assess impact of China ‘dirty coal’ decision
Newcastle's $4.8bln coal facility that should not be built


This show was broadcast on 20th Oct 2014

Beyond Zero's Vivien and Jane are joined by Julien Vincent, Lead Campaigner at Market Forces, a not-for-profit that believes that the banks, superannuation funds and governments that have custody of our money should use it to protect - not damage - our environment.
The reality is that many of Australia’s superannuation funds are invested in these dirty industries. Market Forces is campaigning for super funds to divest from coal and gas. We’re also here to help Australians make sure their retirement isn’t funded by environmental destruction.

Isaac Astill is a divestment expert with FossilFree and Head of Communications, Future Super, Australia's first fossil fuel free super fund. FossilFree is a new social enterprise with a mission to make it easy for Australians to divest from fossil fuels, including coal, coal seam gas and oil. Isaac talks about the success of Divestment Day in Sydney on Saturday 18 October.

Caroline Le Couteur is the founding Executive Director of The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR). The ACCR is a not-for-profit association whose mission is to promote ethical investment.  Caroline recently served four years as an elected member of the ACT Legislative Assembly. Prior to that she was an Executive Director of Australian Ethical Investment. She has a strong interest in environment and sustainability and served for 17 years on the national council of the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Divestment Day 18 OCT 14

This show was broadcast on Mon 13 October 2014

A jam packed show with reasons to divest from fossil fuels. Vivien talks to participants at an Erskenville workshop and Mara Bun and Bob Welsh speak to the good economics of divestment. Christine Milne defends the RET and the Pacific Warriors come to Australia to highlight that their homes are going under due to the rest of the world’s failure to take action on climate change.

It’s time to move our money out of the industry causing climate chaos. Join on October 18 for a national day of Divestment Action, where Australians will tell the “Big 4” banks to stop financing fossil fuels. As hundreds of us turn out across the country, we’ll be joined by a delegation of Pacific Island Climate Warriors, who will be arriving on our shores to peacefully stand up to the fossil fuel industry. You’ll want to be part of it!

Join at a location near you - National Divestment Day 18 OCT 14

Mara BunChristine Milne

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