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Electric Vehicles Report (2016)

Australia can move to electric vehicles, powered entirely by renewable electricity, in a decade. It is feasible and affordable, providing environmental, health and economic benefits. (Beyond Zero Emissions Report: August 2016) Free Download from here. Buy a hard copy of the report from the BZE Online Shop. Report Findings: . A shift to 100 per [...]

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Renewable Energy Superpower Report (2015)

Australia should grasp a prosperous future, by becoming a renewable energy superpower Buy a “hard copy” from the BZE website shop Free download (a pdf file of 3 MB) here. We have the advantages of: world class solar and wind resources, a widespread electricity distribution grid, a skilled and innovative workforce and industry sector, capable [...]

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Stationary Energy Plan (2010)

The plan is to provide 100% of Australia's electricity from renewables, using mostly wind and solar generators, geographically dispersed around an improved national grid. It allows for electricity demand in 2020 to be 40% greater than in 2008, sufficient to replace all fossil fuel use, including heating and transport as they move to electricity.  The plan [...]

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The Energy Freedom Home (2015)

Available from our website shop: A practical guidebook for renovators & builders. Be comfortable, healthy and independent in an efficient home powered by renewable energy. You could wipe out your home energy bills, saving perhaps $2400 every year. That's "energy freedom" in your home! This guidebook is a great resource for people looking to renovate [...]

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High Speed Rail Report (2014)

Australia could have a high speed rail from Melbourne to Brisbane within a decade, with 60% of Australians living within 50km of a station: 21 stations linking 18 cities and towns, including Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney & Brisbane, 1,799 km of rail, 81 km of tunnels, and 98 km of elevated sections. (Beyond Zero Emissions: 2014) [...]

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Land Use : Agriculture and Forestry (2014)

The Zero Carbon Australia Land Use report outlines research showing how greenhouse gas emissions from land use – agriculture and forestry – can be reduced to zero net emissions within 10 years. This result is within Australia’s capacity in spite of the finding that our agriculture and land use sector is the biggest emitting sector in Australia. [...]

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Buildings Plan (2013)

There are no technical barriers to achieving zero emissions from Australia's buildings within a decade. The Buildings Plan proposes: energy efficiency retrofits of existing buildings, renewable energy generation in many buildings, and replacing gas appliances with electric appliances to end the use of gas (see our fact sheet) (Beyond Zero Emissions Report: 2013) The BZE [...]

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Repowering Port Augusta (2012)

Port Augusta is a town at a crossroads. Two coal-fired power stations have closed, and people are deciding how to replace them:  with Australia's first "solar thermal plants" or a "combined cycle fossil gas plant". The Repower Port Augusta Alliance has developed a solid proposal to replace the coal plants with 6 solar thermal plants [...]

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Laggard to Leader Report

Are you sick of hearing: Australia is only a small part of the climate problem! We shouldn’t act before the rest of the world! Our actions won’t make a difference, anyway! The Laggard to Leader report challenges these excuses: It exposes the true extent of Australia’s contribution to the climate problem and demonstrates our extraordinary [...]

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Health and Social Harms of Coal Mining in Local Communities

There is clear evidence from the international health literature that living near coal mines or coal power stations causes serious harm to people's health. Burning coal is also the single largest cause of global warming, which the world’s leading medical journal, The Lancet, has described as “the biggest health threat of the 21st century”. The [...]

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