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Energy Storage & 100% Renewable Energy

WHEN: 6:30 – 8pm Monday 3 April 2017 Our guest speaker for the Monday April 3rd Melbourne Beyond Zero Emissions discussion group  is Dr Roger Dargaville, Deputy Director and Senior Energy Analyst at the University of Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI). Roger is an expert in renewable energy systems, global carbon cycles and climate change adaptation. He will be speaking about energy storage [...]

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Zero Carbon Communities

WHEN: 6:30 – 8pm Monday 6 March 2017 All Welcome Our guest speaker is Imogen Jubb, BZE National Manager for the Zero Carbon Communities project. Zero Carbon Communities is helping to implement BZE research in local communities looking to work towards zero emissions . Many Australian communities and Local Councils are developing Zero Emissions targets. With support [...]

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The Cape – Victoria’s first climate adapted greenfield housing project

6:30 – 8pm Monday 6 February 2017 We kick off the BZE Discussion Group series for 2017 in Melbourne on Monday 6 February. Our guest speaker is BRENDAN CONDON, Director of  The Cape – Victoria’s first climate-adapted greenfield housing project How do we build carbon neutral housing estates and eliminate emissions from the housing sector? [...]

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Discussion Group: Failing Paris

A new report by the Melbourne Energy Institute authored by Dimitri Lafleur, Tim Forcey, Hugh Saddler and Mike Sandiford has found that unmeasured methane leakage and fugitive emissions from unconventional gasfields could cause Australia to fail its Paris climate commitments. The report found, methane measurements at US unconventional gas fields have found leakage rates in the order of 10-25 [...]

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Discussion Group: Industrial Processes

BZE is currently researching ways of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions from Industrial Processes.  Michael Lord presented his findings so far and gathered valuable feedback from this well-informed audience. BZE Discussion Group: 7 November 2016. BZE is examining: How our industrial energy requirements can be supplied primarily from a 100% renewable electricity, Reducing emissions [...]

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Luke Osborne: Reposit Power CEO

Reposit Power software ensures that households get the best value out of their solar panels and batteries. The software: allows households to actively trade with their electricity provider, constantly works to lower your electricity bill, predicts your future energy use by learning the energy use patterns of your home, predicts your future generation of electricity [...]

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Dr Scott Watkins – Lights, solar, action.

  6:30 - 8pm Monday 5 September 2016 In this presentation, Dr Scott Watkins will discuss the use of smart, connected lighting and other (Internet of Things) IoT-based technologies to control and monitor home operations (including solar) and improve home energy efficiency. In particular, Scott will highlight his Enphase-monitored solar system, LIFX LED lights and [...]

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Battery Technology Charges Ahead

6:30 - 8pm Monday 1 August 2016 The Australia Institute (TAI) strategist and report author, Dan Cass, will speak about his recent report titled, Securing renewables - How batteries solve the problem of clean electricity. Lithium battery prices have fallen by 93% between 1995 and 2014, which threatens coal and gas generators with competition and [...]

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6:30pm Monday 6 June – Tim Forcey: How to cheaply and comfortably heat your home with renewable energy

6:30 - 8pm Monday 6 June 2016 Tim Forcey presents how your home, business or institution can Save money and be part of the fuel-switching revolution! As has been widely reported in The AGE and elsewhere, Tim's University of Melbourne research found that switching from gas could create huge money saving opportunities for home owners, [...]

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Electric vehicles and energy storage: what do they mean for the grid?

Electric vehicles and energy storage: what do they mean for the grid?   Dr Julian de Hoog is a Research Staff Member at IBM Research - Australia, working on a variety of projects in the energy space, across renewables, storage, and electrified transport. Julian was formerly a Research Fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering [...]

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