Zero Carbon in Industry: Podcast

In this podcast, BZE Radio talks about:

How Australian industry can move to zero emissions.

You may be surprised to learn that cement, steel, and in fact all energy-intensive materials, can be produced without fossil fuels! Who knew!

zero carbon cement and industry

(1) Cement can be made using fly-ash or using low-heat geo-polymers instead of limestone and coal. (2) Steel can be created from treating iron ore with hydrogen produced in excess from renewable energy utilities, and (3) we can use a range of off-the-shelf energy efficient appliances and technologies to create heat for industry, for everything from canning food to recycling paper and steel to melting glass.

The research is shaping up nicely and the current results will be presented  at Australian Manufacturing Week and at the Ecocity World Summit.

BZE Research Director Michael Lord is interviewed about:

  • zero carbon cement,
  • renewable heat,
  • zero carbon steel and
  • how the circular economy can apply to Australia’s industry sectors.

BZE Community Radio Show: 17 April 2017

More information

Zero Carbon Australia Industry Plan 

Watch a presentation here (November 2016).

BZE interviewer: Erin Jones

Broadcast from Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

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