Two bloggers have already published reviews of our new report, Laggard to Leader: How Australia can lead the world to zero carbon prosperity.

Martin C. Jones got in quick, publishing his review on July 24, just the day after the report was published and launched. A fairly straightforward, positive review of the report, it observes:

The report springs from the observation, also reported by e.g. Crikey on Friday, that the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is failing to achieve the actions required to prevent dangerous anthropogenic climate change. It then goes beyond this to suggest new means of addressing the problem, in which Australia leads the world to a zero carbon future.

Sound utopian? It’s actually reasonably well argued, by and large, even if it’s difficult to see our current crop of politicians implementing many of the report’s suggestions.

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Joel Dignam got in a couple of days later, with his account of the Melbourne launch.

I’m a big fan of BZE’s work. They play a crucial role in the climate movement, providing a technical legitimacy for the grassroots campaigners promoting a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy. In Bill Moyer’s Doing Democracy (which I’ll soon be reviewing in detail), the sociologist describes how powerholders confronting a social movement, once they give up on defending the status quo, aim to create fear and uncertainty about the movement’s proposed alternative. Having a group like Beyond Zero Emissions instilling confidence in and familiarity with wind, photovoltaics and baseload solar thermal, is excellent.

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Brisbane launch - packed out!

Brisbane launch