Baseload Report - Love 100%RE - February- Save the Date, 100% Renewables Valentines Day Gift, A Top Think Tank, Solar Supercharge

The Beyond Zero Emissions Baseload Report

Valentine's Edition - February 2016

Save the Date 

Renewable Energy Superpower launches are coming up in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, and Canberra. The Sydney event on April 4th has confirmed Hon Mark Butler, Shadow Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water , as the keynote speaker. 

The Renewable Energy Superpower report  (3Mb) is an analysis of the vast economic opportunities for Australia in a rapidly decarbonising world. 

Let's boost the momentum for 100% Renewables 

BZE lead the technical arguments for 100% renewable energy more than 5 years ago with the Stationary Energy Plan.

With 1000 mayors committing to 100% renewables in Paris and with an upcoming federal election, we need your help to boost the momentum to make 100% renewables an election issue.

For Valentines Day we are asking you to help be part of this by raising $10,000 to run seminars in Australian cities through to the end of April. There we will share our research findings showing 100% renewables is a thoroughly achievable position for Australia.  



BZE ranks in the Top 10 of global think tanks to watch. 


The influential annual think tank ranking conducted by The Lauder Institute's Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program has given Beyond Zero Emissions a ranking of 6th globally for 'Think Tanks To Watch', 13th for top Australian think tanks and grouped us along with the top 144 global 'Independent' think tanks.


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Solar Supercharge - On this Weekend

Solar Supercharge is a 3-day national action summit for clean energy on 13-15 February in Brisbane. It will be a key moment when leaders and volunteers across the clean energy movement join together to kick-off an ambitious renewable energy election campaign. BZE's CEO will be there busting all the usual renewables and fossil fuel myths, plus a few you might not know about. Media release Click here



Regular BZE Updates




9 Steps to Energy Freedom

Step 7 of the 9 step Energy Freedom program is 'Hot Water'.


Go to Energy Freedom - Hot Water to find out about avoiding gas hot water, increasing your use of reliable renewables and saving money on water heating. Sign on for the Energy Freedom Newsletter. Buy the Energy Freedom home book now

BZE Out and About


BZE is providing a keynote address at the Solar Supercharge event organised by Solar Citizens. BZE will again be at the Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival on the 'SLF Big Weekend'  February 12 - 14 come along, say Hi, and check us out. 


BZE "Volunteer of the Month" Returns

Volunteer Survey - Thankyou to everybody for taking the Volunteer Survey. This month we say hello and a big thank you to a great volunteer who joined us in 2015  -Tiffany Harrison.

Tiffany volunteers 2 days a week as lead project coordinator on the BZE Zero Carbon Communities project, Zero Emissions Byron. 

Tiffany Harrison is an ecologist and environmental campaigner. Tiffany has been working, studying and volunteering in the environmental sector for over ten years, both internationally and locally, including in research, policy and planning, natural area management, and community campaigning. 

Tiffany joined the Zero Emissions Byron Project as the volunteer Project Coordinator in August last year, drawn to the projects potential for addressing climate change and helping to instigate the spread of local level action. 

Subsequent to completing a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Conservation Biology in 2011, Tiffany worked in the developing island nation of Palau, in the northern Pacific. Here she saw first hand the impacts of climate change and the loss of islands that the Palauan’s faced. Since then, she has primarily focused her work on climate change policy reform and action.

We are pleased to announce that we will be ramping up volunteer activities in 2016. If you are a supporter already or would like to become active then we are seeking your valued feedback on this - how do you want to be involved? We now have regular BZE Technical Committee meetings each Tuesday, are about to have dedicated supporter days, and are again offering training on the Zero Carbon Australia plans. Get in touch: to introduce yourself, and to be put onto our city active mailing lists. 

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Zero Carbon Communities

Zero Carbon Communities is the implementation phase of the Zero Carbon Australia project. The newest work in this initiative is a national mini research project with contributions from BZE supporters around the country. Last year the Mayor of the Byron Shire Council was both an invited speaker and VIP at many COP21 events, including the '1000 mayors' local leaders summit event at Paris City. 

Baseload Report is the Beyond Zero Emissions Newsletter

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We are independent - Think we are GREAT? Please Donate - Become a  Baseload Supporter of Beyond Zero Emissions - or grab a report or TShirt at our fantastic Shop

Did you Know that Beyond Zero Emissions is 10 this year !!

In our ten years BZE has moved the debate around 100% renewable energy and zero emissions from radical to mainstream. We have shown:

  • the technical feasibility of an electricity grid based on 100% renewable energy 
  • that zero emissions buildings - not running on gas - are possible, 
  • that electric high speed rail remains a commercial proposition, 
  • the importance of the land use sector as the only sector to bring us to beyond zero emissions, 
  • how we can transition our entire passenger fleet to electric vehicles,
  • the ongoing economic risks of relying on fossil fuels, particularly coal, for our economic prosperity in a decarbonising world, 
  • the economic opportunity that will come from Australia utilising its full renewable energy resource. 

100% Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions- both core to the BZE Zero Carbon Australia vision - are now mainstream language following the Paris accord. 

Over our 10 years we have been inspired by thousands of BZE supporters. 

Here is what others have said about BZE and the Zero Carbon Australia plans:

Zero Carbon Australia

"It's not the five percent cut project or the 20 percent cut project with a bunch of unachievable caveats. It's a zero carbon project and I think people actually want to be told a narrative, a story which is ambitious, which is aspirational, but also practical and I think that is what this project is about." NICK XENOPHON, Senator for South Australia

Stationary Energy Plan 

"I believe our long term goal is to very substantially reduce our emissions, a goal that will require almost all of our energy to be produced from zero or very near-zero emission sources. The work they have done is important, it provides the most comprehensive technical blueprint yet for what our engineers, our scientists, can begin to do tomorrow." MALCOLM TURNBULL 2010, Federal member for Wentwortth and now Prime Minister of Australia 2016. 

"The Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan represents the kind of visionary work that should be eagerly embraced. It is the first time I have seen a plan that makes the possibility of zero emissions feasible and affordable. In particular, solar energy offers so much promise in this dry and sunny continent. Politicians have been postponing decisions in this area for too long. They, and decision-makers generally, should study Zero Carbon Australia intensely and urgently. The work is so comprehensive that it makes me eager to see the further studies that will be emerging in the near future." Honorary Professor SIR GUSTAV NOSSAL, AC, CBE, FRS, FAA Department Pathology University of Melbourne & Former Australian of the Year.  (see also ZCA launch here) 

Renewable Energy Superpower

"Beyond Zero Emissions' Renewable Energy Superpower report powerfully and importantly draws our attention to the use of 100% renewable energy to power energy intensive industry of the future. This includes the energy intensive industries that are coming into existence in the low carbon world - from silicon to graphite and rare-earths processing, all of which in addition to resources require alot of energy."Professor ROSS GARNAUT, AO Professorial Research Fellow in Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Melbourne and author of The Garnaut Climate Change Review

Buildings Plan

"To alleviate peak demand growth and allow for cost effective electrical services into the future we urgently need to rethink how our buildings can contribute to more effective demand management, both as electricity producers and consumers. This report provides a welcome insight into the opportunities and challenges for Australia in how our buildings can help in the challenge of the radical decarbonisation of Australia’s energy system." MIKE SANDIFORD Professor of Geology Director, Melbourne Energy Institute University of Melbourne 

High Speed Rail

"On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Shinkansen Bullet train operating Tokyo Osaka, with no fatalities and profitable operations from near inception I salute this work that further raises the profile of High Speed rail for Australia. Better fifty years too late than never for HSR Melbourne, Tullamarine Canberra Sydney Newcastle and later Brisbane." TIM FISCHER, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and former member of the HSR advisory committee. 

Land Use: Agriculture and Forestry

"The next climate change agreement in Paris, in 2015, must chart a pathway to peak greenhouse gas emissions, ensure a deep de-carbonisation of the global economy and achieve a climate neutral world in the second half of this century. How we manage lands and soils will be as critical as how we manage cities and transport to energy and buildings. This timely report shows that ambitious and smart climate action can get us to that zero carbon state at the same time as offering huge opportunities for a profitable transformation towards a truly sustainable future." CHRISTIANA FIGEURES, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

"What we put into the air is crucial; so is what we take out of the air. In the greenhouse era, wise land use is no longer just a good idea; it's a prerequisite for a working planet." BILL MCKIBBEN, founder of and author of The End of Nature. 

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