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Repowering Port Augusta

Port Augusta is a town at a crossroads. Two coal-fired power stations have closed, and people are deciding how to replace them:  with Australia's first "solar thermal plants" or a "combined cycle fossil gas plant". The Repower Port Augusta Alliance has developed a solid proposal to replace the coal plants with 6 solar thermal plants [...]

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Richard Keech

Richard Keech has been involved with BZE since 2008 and taken on many roles including: Lead author for the buildings plan and for the energy freedom home Lead author for the energy freedom home Looks after information technology issues for BZE Coordinated the development of the new BZE website

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Laggard to Leader Report

Are you sick of hearing: Australia is only a small part of the climate problem! We shouldn’t act before the rest of the world! Our actions won’t make a difference, anyway! The Laggard to Leader report challenges these excuses: It exposes the true extent of Australia’s contribution to the climate problem and demonstrates our extraordinary [...]

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Health and Social Harms of Coal Mining in Local Communities

There is clear evidence from the international health literature that living near coal mines or coal power stations causes serious harm to people's health. Burning coal is also the single largest cause of global warming, which the world’s leading medical journal, The Lancet, has described as “the biggest health threat of the 21st century”. The [...]

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Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) or “Clean Coal” has been promised for many years, the favoured option of fossil fuel companies.  They have used the promise of CCS to: delay the development of renewable energy, offer hope to the coal industry, and delay action on climate change. Industry claims that CCS is the cheapest way [...]

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Fossil Economy Report

A Fossil Economy in a Changing World: The world, including key importers of Australia’s coal and gas, is shifting away from fossil fuels.  Our policies ignore this, leaving us dependent on continued fossil fuel exports, at risk of: stranded investments, dropping export revenue, and a growing current account deficit. (Beyond Zero Emissions Report: 2014) Image: [...]

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Carbon Crisis Report: Systemic Risk of Carbon Emission Liabilities

Australia has a 50 % chance of systemic economic crisis, caused by ignoring the global shift to clean energy. Australia’s industry and exports are emissions-intensive. This intensity is a growing economic liability, as the international community strengthens its efforts to limit climate change. Without changing the Australian investment focus towards cleaner energy, the country is [...]

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Fritz Loewe Theatre

Level 2, McCoy Building, University of Melbourne, Elgin St, Carlton, The south-east corner of Elgin & Swanston Streets. Late arrival: If you arrive late and the automatic doors are locked, ring our mobile. BZE normally holds the monthly discussion groups in the McCoy Building starting at 6:30 pm.  At about 6:45 pm,  University security locks [...]

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BZE Melbourne Office

Beyond Zero Emissions: Melbourne Office Kindness House 288 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne Phone: (03) 1234-5678 Our Office is on the first floor Buzzer 16

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Thermal insulation coating

The reduction of extremes in heat or cold without power consumption BZE Community / Technology Radio Show: 15 July 2016: Podcast: BZE radio talks to: Charles Rendigs, the National Business Development manager of "Thermoshield", an Australian company developed and owned, situated at Dandenong. They make a coating for roofs that can be painted [...]

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