Accelerating Climate Action: Taking on the giants

Monday 30th April 2018

Accelerating Climate Action: Taking on the giants

Bill Mc Kibben is in Australia. President Macron is also visiting and he calls for a removal of all obstacles as we scale up.(1)

As new coal mines and gas wells open up in NSW ,Qld and NT, not to mention the Adani Project we need to accelerate climate action. You can invite people to livestream Bill Mc Kibben’s talk in Melbourne (2) and lend your support to 350.ORG. They are determined to make climate action front and centre in every election coming up.



John Grimes is CEO of the Smart Energy Council. He called a crisis meeting to challenge our government’s weak climate policies and we will ask him what his battle plan is. As Oliver Yates told the Smart Energy Industry, Climate Change is disruptive. The transition will be abrupt, so feel free to be disruptive yourselves. He will also talk about how smart energy can lower demand for energy and prevent blackouts as well as cutting emissions. Support a smart energy future. He says “The people are on our side” .By co-ordinating the community and the smart energy industry we will get a strong National Renewable Target and halve our carbon pollution.


Tim Buckley is Director of Energy Finance Studies Australasia for IEEFA.

He says the Global Energy Transformation is inevitable and happening faster than anyone thought. It is deflationary and disruptive. He tells us about how the Saudi Kings of Oil are becoming Kings of Solar and planning to rebuild their whole economy around exporting clean energy. He sees Australia’s policy chaos and puts his trust in Audrey Silberstein. Tune in to find out why the energy policies of China and India are so important to us and why half the battle is to taper demand with energy efficiency.


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